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VIP Servers for Group Games Now Available!

June 16, 2016

by Jessica Kung

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VIP Servers have been an increasingly popular addition over the years. Since their launch in late 2014, more and more ROBLOX players have embraced this feature so they could easily connect and play with friends privately. Over the past several weeks, our engineering team has been hard at work implementing the next exciting incremental update for VIP Servers. Today, we’re answering the call for one of our most popular requests to date. All group-owned games on ROBLOX can finally support VIP Servers…starting now!

Prior to this update, only user-owned games, such as Work at a Pizza Place and ROBLOX High School, could support VIP Servers. We realize, however, that many of our most popular experiences also tend to be owned by groups, rather than individual users. As a result, we wanted to offer groups and development studios the same capabilities as individual users so they too could provide private servers, ultimately enhancing the social or competitive experience for their players as well!

You can now play private games with friends and other people you invite in Group Games!

How will VIP Servers for Group Games work?

VIP Servers for group-owned games work exactly the same way as they do for user-owned games. Developers can still set their own prices for VIP Servers, and they are free to enable or disable the feature at any time. Similarly, players can still use ROBUX to purchase monthly subscriptions to VIP Servers, provided that the game has the feature enabled.

Just as a friendly reminder, developers – active subscriptions will be canceled if you change your price for VIP Servers. Players who have had their subscription canceled will be informed of the price change via private message.

How to enable VIP Servers for Group Games

If you’d like to enable VIP Servers for your group-owned game, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the ‘Configure Place’ page for your group game
  • Click the ‘Access’ tab under ‘Configure Place’
  • Click the checkbox for ‘Allow VIP Servers,’ set your price, and then save your settings!

Lastly, a BIG thank you goes out to litozinnamon from Phantom Forces, berezaa from Miner’s Haven, and RBXKyle from TNT Rush for allowing us to use their games as a testing ground for this latest update. Your feedback has been invaluable, and we’re thrilled to now offer all group games another powerful option to customize the ROBLOX gaming experience!

We hope you have fun playing together! What else would you like to see in future updates for VIP Servers? Let us know by commenting below!