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ROBLOXians Share their Stunning Showcases!

June 25, 2016

by TinyTaka

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As the ROBLOX platform has developed over time, it is has also been encouraging to see how creators have evolved with it to create even more beautiful spaces and environments. We recently asked the community to share with us the showcases that stood out the most to them. Today, we are here to take some time to feature some of those entries that we felt really showcase what you can create in ROBLOX!

Shaders Showcase by Zootopia

This showcase is truly designed to show off the detail and features of the spaceship it is depicting. It is quite simple–composed of a short cutscene, but beautifully executed so that you can sit back and just admire the design of the ship and the environment. An especially notable aspect was how well the lighting and shadows were done in this scene. Every action in the cutscene was laced with detail–such as the dust falling when the doors opened to the scenic stars and moon behind it.

shaderedit copy

Buena Vista by asimo3089

Buena Vista has created quite the buzz on ROBLOX in the past week! And for good reason–this showcase displays a picturesque scene of a modern house at sunset. The design of the house is beautiful– the rooms are filled with light and are equipped with floor to ceiling windows so you can see the setting sun. The outdoor area is impossibly serene, scattered with palm trees and centered around a pool with incredible colors that seem to melt together. You can walk through the building and admire the design, but it’s also pretty interactive. Complete different tasks and games around the house to discover four badges. Once you find them all, you can unlock a special in-game skill!

buenavistaedi copy

Down the Road by Ashtheking300

When you enter this showcase, the first thing you see is a path surrounded by a forest. Follow the path up for a bit and you end up at a stunning house at the top of a hill, a small piece of civilization surrounded by nature. The interior of the house is everyone’s dream– lots of open space, light leaking in, and a modern design. This showcase exemplifies how to design and customize buildings intentionally to display the environment in the most beautiful way possible. Make sure to check out the living room, which is perfectly placed so that it has a prime view of the forest and the brilliant sunset.

downtheroadedit copy

downtheroad2edit copy

Fantasy Island by Spectrabox

Spectrabox’s Fantasy Island is a showcase that portrays a small, peaceful town on an island. It is complete with a windmill, houses, and a small pig farm. You can check out the town and its beautiful surroundings, including the large waterfall right in the middle. You can tell that the creator paid a lot of attention to detail from the many fun, little aspects that were included–be sure not to miss them!

fantasy island edit

rip ur toaster by OriginatedSystemized 

This showcase, which was inspired by a picture on the internet, is truly a work of art! By building this showcase, the creator literally made an image come to life! This overgrown building has a mysterious, ancient air to it and some of the best aspects about it are the minute details, such as the butterflies flying through the air, the vines climbing up the walls, and the colorful flowers sprouting from the floor. Though it has become dilapidated, the amazing architecture of the building still catches your eye with its high ceilings and many arches.

buildingedit copy

Quinn by drtrollr 

Quinn is a sci-fi showcase that we at ROBLOX feel really exemplifies the creativity we hope to encourage. This showcase depicts a beautiful, mythical island that you can explore at sunset. It includes a wide variety fun aspects, such as birds and other creatures seemingly frozen in air, orbs of light glimmering in the trees, and a landing pad with a spaceship. The cinematic music, in combination with the environment, will make you feel like you’re exploring a whole new world!

quinnedit copy


These are just some of the many amazing showcases on ROBLOX. Builders and creators from all over the world are Powering Imagination by making incredible worlds that they can explore with their friends. What’s your favorite showcase on ROBLOX? Let us know in the comments.