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Creator Showcase: Exploring Various Worlds with Wuttah3ll

May 1, 2016

by Rachelle "OrcaSparkles"

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Looking at different games on ROBLOX, it is incredible to me what different builders are able to create. With ROBLOX Studio, there are hardly any limitations and builders can let their creativity run free. One builder, Wuttah3ll, has created a wide range of worlds using ROBLOX Studio, including his showcases, Clouds, Sevastopol Station, and Cavern.

All three of these places are amazing and have a completely different feeling when you spawn in game. Clouds is filled with puffy white clouds with a beautiful night sky backdrop. You can explore the showcase by walking around the small island, or by jumping off the edge to free-fall and fly through the puffy clouds! Sevastopol Station seems to be a smaller showcase, where you can travel through a space station which seems to be in slight disarray. However, when you glance out the window, you realize there is a massive world outside the station; tall buildings, a beautiful night sky and just a small section of a planet, are the backdrop for this amazing showcase. And finally, there is Cavern, a simple, yet gorgeous, cave where you can enjoy the stalactites hanging from the ceiling, or take a swim through some of the rock formations hidden underneath the water.

Wuttah3ll’s creativity seems to know no end! Between these three amazing showcases, and a few others he has, Wuttah3ll has evoked many different emotions through his various different settings. We spoke with Wuttah3ll about these awesome games to learn more about his process!

ROBLOX: About how long did it take you to make Sevastopol, Clouds & Cavern?

Wuttah3ll: I think I can safely say, like many builders, I don’t pay attention to time if I haven’t promised anything or I’m not working with someone. So if anyone asks me “How long did this take?”, I’ll just think about it for a second and give a rough estimation. Solid build time for Sevastopol Station, I believe is around 35 hours, but I technically finished the project in 3 months. With Clouds, it’s very complicated. I’ll talk about clouds in depth later. Solid build time is around 40-80 hours in over a year. Cavern however, is a different story from the rest. I decided that Cavern would be a quick build. The project itself took some 50 minutes to build, but it does have inside it, a small project which took much longer and is underwater.

How exactly did you go about making these games? What were some of your main techniques you used?

When I build, I usually don’t give myself any borders and don’t build off of templates. I come up with ideas as I go.The contrast between the places should be noticeable. All of the places are supposed to have an atmosphere, but the difference lies in the map and terrain. Sevastopol Station used unions and complex shapes, there are barely any normal bricks in the place. Clouds is an old game, it uses no unions, the only exception is the moon and the large tree which were added after unions were added and people asked for some kind of update. Cavern, should stick out because it uses a lot of smooth terrain and terrain water, which was new at the time. I will soon update Cavern and use the new updates like terrain water color to make it nicer.

Cavern is deceptive! Not only can you view the inside of the cave, you can also take a dive to see underneath the water!

Cavern is deceptive! Not only can you view the inside of the cave, you can also take a dive to see underneath the water!

Any interesting facts about these game in particular?

There are very many, I could say that these are only half of the ideas and facts as I love putting tiny elements and pieces of thoughts into my builds.

Clouds is a mix of abandoned projects, containing some 20 abandoned pieces, places, and models, including a map called “Abandoned”, which I ironically, abandoned. This map is visible in the bottom area of the map. I used the loose parts and mixed it in with loose story parts to allow people to come up with their own stories. The sign in the cave and the name of the boat are also small references.

In Sevastopol Station, there are 4 pipes with valves which may or may not include references. One of these valves contains more valves, another contains steam. Others contain coffee and uranium. There’s a hidden reference to Portal 2. If you look out the window in the long hall, there’s space debris/trash outside, except it’s not space trash. It’s a garbage bin in space. A monster can be heard screaming in the darkness, outside the armory. The “Dock” sign occasionally flickers to say “Duck”.

In the bottom of Cavern, there’s a plane and two tanks, which I didn’t count into the 50 minutes of build time. The Spitfire aircraft, is my EBR entry, the other two tanks are from an old game which may or may not be completed. And the map in Cavern has over 90 invisible parts, used to change the color of the water and the surrounding air.

Where did you get the idea to make these games through ROBLOX Studio?

I have been building for a long time now and I feel as if there’s nothing in my way anymore. If I feel like I want to create something, ROBLOX is a great platform because It’s very easy to use once you know how it works. Whatever you are doing, building or scripting. Progress is visible very quickly.

What got you into building on ROBLOX in the first place?

I used to build with friends in the very beginning. This was in the early days, when you could build with your friends in “Happy Home in Robloxia” and it would actually save the progress if the owner was in the place. Eventually they stopped building, quit, or started playing other games. I kept building for 4 or so years.

Wuttah3ll has no limitations when it comes to building and that is clear from the massive world outside the window in Sevastopol Station!

Wuttah3ll has no limitations when it comes to building and that is clear from the massive world outside the window in Sevastopol Station!

Did any other builders on ROBLOX inspire you?

In the early days, it turns out that, like many builders or people who would later become builders. I used to search for groups like EBR and visited all of the members favorited games, and their own awesome creations. I used to wish I could build anything cool and often revisited the places. A lot of people inspired me to build, people like, Finwei, Unclear, Beta2, Geico480.

Do you have tips for other builders who want to make games similar to yours?

I would urge people to look around for good plugins, and find tools they are most comfortable with. Test different designs and maybe even try to recreate objects with similar design, to learn the technique used. Build with other people, This can help you can see how others execute similar ideas, and share opinions. Many people learn how to build by themselves, this is great because you can see how everyone has their own style and builds in a different way. Remember to save. ;)

Which has been your favorite to create? Which do you think took you the longest?

My favorite has to be Clouds, because it’s littered with memories and old ideas, so many failures and retries, to eventually bring me one of my most successful projects. It took so long because it’s not a full project and technically wasn’t meant to even happen. It contains many models which took 10 minutes to build and models that took 10 hours to build, which make it my longest project ever.

Clouds is a collection of abandoned projects and is one of Wuttah3ll's oldest games!

Clouds is a collection of abandoned projects and is one of Wuttah3ll’s oldest games!

Anything our users can look forward to from you in the future?

I’m working with people at Anvil Interactive and might release a small game soon. I’m also slowly refining my scripting skills and do hope to give Sevastopol Station a sequel.

Any final thoughts you’d like to leave us with?

More about Couds as I have received over 70 messages about it. Clouds itself was in the beginning, supposed to be an island with a lighthouse. The crane on the island was a side project. It was originally supposed to lift up crates which held supplies. Now the crane is used to take the small clouds which grow on trees, expand them using a nearby machine and then lower them into the sky. Crazy idea of why we have clouds in the sky. And the tiny boat and dock were supposed to be a part of a larger ship nearby. The project turned from a sad, dead and lonely island to a mix of happiness and a bit of sadness. I have received many messages from people who find the place happy, and others who find it sad.

It fascinates me how in the messages I have received, one person can feel something totally different from the other in Clouds, from sad, to happy, to calm.

Look forward to more amazing showcases from the mind of Wuttah3ll! And in the mean time, be sure to check out, Clouds, Sevastopol Station, and Cavern on ROBLOX today!

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