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ROBLOX Game Spotlight: Solar Scuffle

April 23, 2016

by SlingshotJunkie


Are you a grandmaster strategist? Do you have the itch to show off your quick thinking by dominating the playing field? Is your reaction time ready for the epic dance of battle which this week’s spotlight, Solar Scuffle, provides? If so, stick around.

Solar Scuffle is an intense real time strategy game from ROBLOX game developer Haggie125. In Solar Scuffle you take command of a small force with a single goal: Control the solar system. You achieve this goal by taking neutral planets–but watch out–other players are in the game too, and when you meet you’ll have to engage them in an epic space brawl.

The game is a beautiful example of how a simplistic visual style can make a game engaging and exciting. You control your units by clicking on planets and dragging a line to where you want your ships to go. These lines can combine if you hover over multiple planets, so you can send your forces from multiple locations to one target in one swoop. You can also determine the amount of units you move in a single action by adjusting the slider at the bottom. The GUI in this game is extraordinary and simple to use.


What keeps me coming back for more of Solar Scuffle is the variety of the systems. Some systems have warp stations which can instantly move your ships from it to your desired target. Others have turrets which shoot enemy ships as they traverse to their targets. Since your ships shoot at other ships as they pass, these tools can be essential to giving your forces the advantage in battle. After every round the system changes to a different randomly selected one, and you start again. I’ve never had a round of Solar Scuffle play out the same way more than once.

The cherry on top is the fact that this game runs wonderfully on mobile devices. It is a struggle to create a game which can pit multiple types of devices against each other and not favor one over the other but Solar Scuffle is balanced no matter what you play it on. It’s tactile and fun regardless to if you’re using a PC or a phone, the experience is always enjoyable.


Solar Scuffle is an amazing game that will eat up your day if you’re not careful. I couldn’t peel myself away from it–I’ve played games that lasted for an hour because my competitors and I just wouldn’t give up. It’s the most fun I’ve had in a strategy game, and if you like the genre I highly recommend it.

Until next time, keep on conquering the solar system!