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ROBLOX Game Spotlight: Roll Up 10000 Stairs For Super Admin Obby Dream Land Spotlight

April 1, 2016

by Jacob "SlingshotJunkie"

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Look, normally I’d try to win you over into reading the rest of the review by saying something cool about the game–but from the banner alone you should be able to tell what this is–it’s only the most popular new game to come to ROBLOX and it’s probably game of the year. You already know about it, but keep reading if you want to hear my analysis of what makes it so amazingly awesome.

First off, is there even nearly as good of gameplay from any other game on ROBLOX? Roll Up 10000 Stairs For Super Admin Obby Dream Land Spotlight is the definition of innovative. I was completely hooked from the first stair to the last–this game is seriously challenging! To roll around you have to click AND HOLD the left mouse button! They could have made it as easy as tapping the mouse button but no, they make you hold it! If that’s not enough you can turn on hardcore mode by hitting the V key, putting you into first person mode so you can’t see the ball you’re rolling in. How sick is that? It’s so cool.

If the stairs aren’t enough for you, well frankly, you’re crazy. But that’s okay because this game has MORE to offer! Side note: With all these features I figured the development cycle for this game must have been at least a year, minimum–but I reached out to the creators and asked them and they told me it only took them two days! TWO DAYS PEOPLE! Are they even human?! Anyway, past the gameplay the game has a literal ton of secret messages! Seriously, there are over 5, so the number is pretty much uncountable.


Are you still reading at this point? Honestly, if you’re not, I don’t blame you. I would have put this down to go play the game after the first mention of “stairs” and “for admin”. But if you’re still here it gets better! CHECK OUT THE TEXTURES ON THE STAIRS!!! This game boasts THE BEST texturing in all of ROBLOX! It uses more than fifty percent of the total textures you can have in a game. If you know of any games that can say that, well, I don’t believe you! On top of these amazing textures they also used a ground-breaking particle generator called “fire” to really light up their world with occasional aesthetic torches!

I can’t say enough about this game. With a full hand placed ten thousand stairs, this game boasts “a reasonable amount of stairs” from its developer SlingshotJunkie. I normally wouldn’t take a whole paragraph to talk about the creator of the game alone, but I feel like it’s necessary here. SlingshotJunkie did an AMAZING job with this one–over the top really. If you ever get the chance to meet SlingshotJunkie make sure to tell him he’s awesome. At this rate he will take over as ROBLOX’s number one place developer overnight, guaranteed!


But really, the spotlight is over now. Go play it. It’s awesome, but make sure you have a lot of time to spend on it because there are sooooo many stairs.

Until next time, keep on rolling up the stairs and don’t fall off because it’s a long roll back up…