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Check Out the Next Console ROBLOX is Expanding To

April 1, 2016

by Roblox


Here at ROBLOX we’re always striving to bring our vision of the world’s best Imagination Platform to every platform available. We’ve made huge strides in recent months — launching ROBLOX on Xbox One, and making the leap into the VR space — but there are still a myriad of consoles and platforms explore! We’re not content to just go after the newest or most popular, ROBLOX should be available on older consoles too.

That’s why we’re very excited to announce that the next platform that will bring our universe of amazing UGC content is one that has been a mainstay of gaming for years. A console that has outsold the Wii U and the Xbox One combined.

Coming late 2017, ROBLOX is headed to… the SEGA Genesis.


SEGA’s widely beloved ‘90s era console is the perfect choice for ROBLOX’s next venture. The constraints of the 16-bit processor running at 7.6 MHz, 72 kb of RAM, and limited color palette will provide new challenges and opportunities for our talented community of creators to excel at.

ROBLOX on the SEGA Genesis will be sold at these fine retailers: KB Toys, FAO Schwartz, Children's Palace, and Zany Brainy.

ROBLOX on the SEGA Genesis will be sold at these fine retailers: KB Toys, FAO Schwartz, Children’s Palace, and Zany Brainy.

We’ve already started working with some of ROBLOX’s top developers to adapt their hit games for ROBLOX on the SEGA Genesis. Check out some early screenshots.

Speed Run 4 stays fast thanks to the Genesis' Blast Processing power.

Speed Run 4 stays fast thanks to the Genesis’ Blast Processing power.

ROBLOX Dodgeball works great in 2D!

ROBLOX Dodgeball works great in 2D!

We understand that there are some challenges with ROBLOX moving to a console that lacks online connectivity, and hasn’t been in production for almost 20 years, but ROBLOX has always faced monumental challenges in the gaming space, and has continued to grow and succeed.

While SEGA Genesis games can’t be updated or patched, we can still push new content to the system on a regular basis! As each new ROBLOX game rolls out we’ll release new cartridges for each game for the low, industry standard price of $69.95.

Select games will be available in multiplayer mode using the Sega Mega Modem cartridge and a phone line, but limitations in networking performance will limits these games to 25 parts and two players.

We hope you’re as excited for the news as we are. We’re thrilled to continue to be the gaming platform of the future, by owning the consoles of the past.