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The Stats for ROBLOX on Xbox One

March 7, 2016

by jackintheblox


ROBLOX launched on Xbox One on January 27th, and it’s been a hit! You may have seen it at the top of the most downloaded Xbox One games list for the first couple weeks of its launch, and ROBLOX continues to be in the top downloaded games on Xbox One week after week.

Now that ROBLOX has been out for over a month we wanted to share the numbers on how it’s doing (spoilers: super well!).

  • During the first month, 830,824 people downloaded and played ROBLOX on Xbox One. That’s almost as many people as the entire population of San Francisco!
  • Over 746,000 of those signups were from new users who didn’t already have a ROBLOX account. Welcome to ROBLOX, we hope you’re having a great time!
  • ROBLOX players on Xbox One racked up over 4 million total played hours in the first month. If you were going to play 4 million hours of ROBLOX on your own it would take you over 456 years to do it!

The library of games available for ROBLOX on Xbox One continues to grow. We recently added Heroes, and TNT Rush to the collection, and we’re looking for even more games to add. That’s where you come in.

Would you like to join the ROBLOX for Xbox One team, and have your game playable on consoles?

First thing’s first, you should check out the Xbox Submission Guidelines page on the wiki to get an understanding of the submission process and requirements.  For additional assistance check out the Gamepad support tutorial and start implementing that into your game. If you think your game is ready to join the Xbox family, shoot an e-mail to [email protected] with a link to your place.

We’ll be checking out places and working with developers to get their game ready for Xbox, but the farther along you are on gamepad support and GUIs, the better!

If you haven’t downloaded ROBLOX for Xbox One yet, head to the Xbox Store on your console, it’s free!