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ROBLOX Game Spotlight: Before the Dawn

March 19, 2016

by Jacob "SlingshotJunkie"

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On this week’s spotlight, we check out one of the most atmospheric games on ROBLOX. I have never seen a better mix of particles, sounds, and gameplay that combine to make a truly unique ROBLOX experience. So stay tuned for Before The Dawn.


Before The Dawn comes from ROBLOX creators Youre_Waifu, Spideyrulz and Dragonsboat. It is an atmospheric horror game where you are sent to a dark place in the middle of the night. You are out there with just your lantern and your wits as your tools. That would be plenty, if not for what lurks in the night. Your breath is heavy, your heart beats faster. Someone is following you. Run, hide, or try to outmaneuver him, and if you can survive until the dawn you will be saved. It’s as easy as you’d expect!

Before The Dawn stands out in its genre. The game pits you and your friends against a monster who can range from a weeping angel to Darth Vader himself. You are given your lantern and a tool which is randomly selected for you unless if you spend points to buy a specific item. These items can range from a slasher locater to a camera that can blind the slasher. You can also choose an ability like increased walk speed or quieter breathing. Once in the map you’re tasked to survive. You can actually hide in a lot of cool places such a inside of lockers by walking up to them. The game doesn’t just leave you with an open faced locker, it animates you climbing into it and hiding.


As the slasher your powers depend on who you are. If you’re Darth Vader you can use the Force to stop players in their tracks. If you’re the weeping angel you can leave behind a copy of yourself that you can teleport back to. Each slasher has a different ability, and they’re all major fun. Before The Dawn has a masterfully constructed sound direction. Players breathe more loudly when you’re near them so often you can hear them before you can see them. The survivors can use sound to their advantage too by using taunts to distract and mislead the slasher.

The game also utilizes custom particles to make the environments really immersive, like a rolling fog that often covers the floor of maps. On snow maps it blizzards outside. They mix the particles with the lighting to add to the gameplay making it more difficult for players to see very far into the night. This makes Before The Dawn one of the most genuinely atmospheric and scary games on all of ROBLOX.


So if you’re looking a good scare and a challenge, look no further than Before The Dawn. It is sublime and has hours upon hours of content for you to explore and play.

So until next time, keep on slashing on!