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ROBLOX Devs See Huge Growth from Xbox One

March 30, 2016


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One of the critical components to ROBLOX becoming the future of entertainment is allowing all ROBLOXians to access games at any time, on any device. In the second blog installment showcasing ROBLOX on Xbox One, we follow one developer’s journey converting his game and show data from his 1st month on console.


As many of you know, ROBLOX on Xbox launched on January 27th, 2016 with 15 popular games created by the ROBLOX community. One of the inaugural games was Giant Survival by 15 year old Texas native, BuildIntoGames. Giant Survival has a simple mission: work together to kill the giant, before the giant gets you. This popular game has over 8M visits, and before launching on Xbox One, Giant Survival was available on PC, mobile and tablet, receiving 175k, 25k and 50k monthly visits, respectively.  

“Obviously [developing for Xbox One was] a bit stressful at first,” says BuildIntoGames, “but it wasn’t too hard to change some keybinds and UI elements specifically for Xbox One. The hardest part for me was having to look back over the old and outdated code I wrote, which motivated me to rewrite most of it.”


BuildIntoGames started out on ROBLOX over 5 years ago experimenting with editing uncopylocked games and models before making his own creations. However, he admits that it wasn’t until the announcement of DevEx that he began to take development seriously.

I wanted to take a more professional approach so people would take me a bit more seriously” he stated, noting that the extra cash flow from monetization helps him now purchase his audio and assets, unless he makes them himself.

For ROBLOX on Xbox One, Giant Survival kept its classic monetization components: users can upgrade their weaponry, gear items and buy more ingame currency (that has a 12.5:1R$ ratio). On an average month BuildIntoGames can expect PC traffic to pull in 400k ROBUX, and tablet/ mobile to generate 60k ROBUX, not bad for a game that’s been on the ROBLOX platform since October 2014! However, this already successful game was about to get a boost.

Reflecting on the night before launch BuildIntoGames told us: “I was a bit worried honestly. I couldn’t really compare it to most big-budget games or popular indie titles, so I spent a lot of time improving on outdated code and polishing some aspects.”

The extra work paid off and by Feb 27th the ROBLOX on Xbox’s version of Giant Survival received 2M visits in the first month, earning 3M ROBUX. That’s 1.5 ROBUX per visit.


As discussed in our previous blog article, ROBLOX on Xbox One is exposing a new audience to ROBLOX for the 1st time, creating a surge of in-game purchases to get all of the coolest gadgets. BuildIntoGames also added a few limited to Xbox items to the catalog for existing fans.


As for what BuildIntoGames is going to use his extra $7,500 cash out for: he’s currently saving up to get a nice car, and will use the leftover cash to pay for other things to help with game development.


Think you have a game that should be featured on the ROBLOX on Xbox app? Check the submissions guide for details on how to get your game ready for Xbox One!.

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