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New Earnable Gifts Available Now

March 16, 2016

by Roblox


Note: The deadline to earn these gifts is tonight at 11:59:59 PM Central Standard Time. After the deadline passes we’ll tally up the winners and award gifts in waves starting April 14th. The process takes some time, so we appreciate everyone’s patience while we award the gifts!

ROBLOX is pleased to introduce a series of three achievement-based gifts as part of our transition away from Tickets. These gifts are designed to reward you for using ROBLOX as a platform instead of simply logging in.

The three achievements we’ll be awarding prizes for are:

  • Tourist
    • Earn by playing 50 different games from now until April 11th.
  • Platformer
    • Earn by playing ROBLOX on at least 2 platforms (PC, Mobile, Xbox) from now until April 11th.
  • Stylist
    • Make a new outfit between today and April 11th.

ROBLOX is looking for new ways to reward our most dedicated players and creators, and these gifts are just one of the ways we’ve planned. More features are constantly being added to ROBLOX and in the future we’ll continue to find new ways to encourage good ROBLOX behaviors.

For those of you that are new to ROBLOX – here is how gifts work on ROBLOX:

When you see a Gift in the catalog (and ROBLOX’s inventory) read the description to find out how to earn it.  The gift item will give you a specific date to complete the achievement by. Shortly after that deadline passes, you will receive the gift in your inventory if you completed the objective.  It’s important to note that the gift is only awarded once and is not awarded instantly on completing the tasks.  After the box is awarded it will open to reveal your prize!  

You can check out the first gifts here.