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My Games (Yes, YOURS) Comes to the Xbox One

March 24, 2016

by Dan Healy

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The latest Xbox update brings more than just the usual enhancements and improvements to the Xbox app. ROBLOX is pleased to announce the inclusion of “My Games“. For the first time in Xbox history players can upload their original games to Xbox and play instantly with friends.

Setting up “My Games” is fast and simple. Any game published on the ROBLOX website will automatically appear on your  Xbox account. Any updates published online will be automatically synced with your “My Games” place on Xbox.

You can find the My Games section to the far right of the Games tab.

You can find the My Games section to the far right of the Games tab.

Playing your game on Xbox with friends is just as easy to do. The owner of the “My Games” place can create an Xbox party with their Xbox friends. After that they can jump directly into the game with everyone in the party. Being social is at the core of what ROBLOX is all about and we hope everyone enjoys playing their own games on Xbox and sharing the experience with friends.

Developers looking to have their games accessible to the entire Xbox community will still need to submit games through the standard Xbox submissions process, but now with the ability to test games locally developers will have a better understanding of the Xbox requirements. Check out the Xbox Submission Guidelines page on the wiki to get an understanding of the submission process and requirements.  For additional assistance game creators can check out the Gamepad support tutorial and start implementing that for their games. If a game is ready to join the Xbox family, shoot an email to [email protected] with a link to the place.

This a great chance to check out ROBLOX on Xbox One if you haven’t already. For anyone with a dream to play their own game with friends on Xbox one, My Games is a dream come true!