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Creator Showcase: Exploring the Seaside with asimo3089

March 20, 2016

by Rachelle "OrcaSparkles"

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I must admit, one of my all time favorite things is ocean side scenery. I guess maybe it’s because I grew up near Cape Cod and Boston but there is something very aesthetically pleasing to me about beaches and harbors and other various waterside places. So when I discovered both Crosswinds and Port Gloom by asimo3089, I have to admit I was ecstatic!

Crosswinds is a beautiful beach showcase at sunset. You can take a stroll down the beach or nice walk through the woods, enjoying the gentle orange backdrop. The beach located by the edge of the forest and if you walk a little ways back, there is an absolutely stunning house, filled with incredible interior detail (especially in the kitchen) It’s incredibly serene and relaxing, especially with the added sound effect of gentle beach waves and seagulls in the distance.

Port Gloom on the other hand, is a much more ominous looking showcase, however the same incredible detail has been poured into this world. Port Gloom depicts a small harbor side town on a cloudy evening (which sometimes includes rain!). The town itself is extremely well-designed but perhaps the most impressive detail are the amazing moving ships in the background! (as seen in the header image)

When speaking to asimo3089 he mentioned that these two games were some of his favorites!

ROBLOX: About how long did it take you to make both Port Gloom and Crosswinds?

asimo3089: Port Gloom and Crosswinds are complete opposites when you compare the time it took to complete each. Crosswinds was made a year earlier than Port Gloom and only took about 16 days to complete. 16 days is insanely fast for any game, especially a showcase! Meanwhile, Port Gloom was a monster of a build. Not only is it my largest, most detailed project I’ve ever taken on, but the game took more than 6 full months to complete. As exhausting as a 6 month project can be, I’ve never been happier about a build of mine. One full year later, I’m still really proud of how that showcase looks!


Main image for Crosswinds, a showcase which only took asimo 16 days to complete

Any interesting facts about these games in particular?

Definitely! Port Gloom wasn’t supposed to be as large as it was, in fact the game is currently twice the size than what I had originally anticipated. I wanted to go all out on this showcase, no limitations or shortcuts. Also, every stone in those cobblestone paths were hand placed and fitted. Those stones took a few hours to do but it was all worth it in the end! As for Crosswinds, there’s a secret way onto that ship in the ocean. I’d try searching the beach for something out of place!

Which has been your favorite to create? Which do you think took you the longest?

Port Gloom absolutely took the longest. Although large scale projects are more exciting in the end, it can be really hard to stay interested over a long period of time. Large projects are a true challenge of how committed you are and I don’t recommend it to new builders. I believe in starting small and working your way up in project size! My favorite showcase to build was Crosswinds just because of how little time I had to work on it. It felt like I was getting so much done every single day and the build style was so colorful. If I had to choose a favorite between all my showcases, it’d be The Wind. I remember that build the most, simply because I met so many challenges in my first showcase that I had to overcome. It’s the showcase that started it all.

Where did you get the idea to make these games through ROBLOX Studio?

I’ve always loved using ROBLOX Studio to build games. I picked it up on my own about 8 years ago. Before I even tried playing a game on ROBLOX, I tried building one. The physics engine really pulled me in and it’s where I got started. I spent a few years making maps and roller coasters before making showcases! Most projects start from inspiration I’ve found online of real life places. Crosswinds was focused on bringing more color to ROBLOX, along with something modern and peaceful. Port Gloom was all about making the best Showcase I’ve ever made with an older theme.

How exactly did you go about making Port Gloom & Crosswinds? What were some of your main techniques you used?

I’m always learning about new techniques as I go. Crosswinds was a more spontaneous build with no mapped out plans in place. I think building without plans can be a great way to build showcases because nothing is holding you back when it comes to creativity. You can do anything you want! Port Gloom was a bit different because I knew I wanted something large, and something with a little bit of gameplay. I drew out the shape of the roads that I wanted and where buildings should fit in, along with some of the docks. I still wanted some creative freedom though and decided to not draw out any more than that. For both projects, I tried to dedicate at least an hour a day to building. I’ve always enjoyed throwing challenges in front of me because I love finding ways to overcome them. Crosswinds had the challenge of a 14-16 day time limit, and Port Gloom had the challenge of being massive and realistically detailed.

Main image for asimo's Port Gloom!

Main image for asimo’s Port Gloom!

What got you into building on ROBLOX in the first place?

I originally only played games, but as a young kid I wanted to build them (or at least test them!). I was always fascinated by how things worked, and that’s what caused me to get into any hobby I’ve ever had. When I was about 13, I was playing a different game and I was talking to a friend about how cool it’d be if there was a game where you could build worlds for other people. My friend just so happened to know about ROBLOX and told me all about it. I was skeptical because it seemed too good to be true. I recall signing up for an account immediately and giving Studio a try and I’ve never loved doing something more than building games on ROBLOX.

Did any other builders on ROBLOX inspire you?

In the beginning, I didn’t have much building inspiration. 2008 was around when I joined and showcases weren’t a big thing back then. I definitely remember looking up to some developers back then like Defaultio and Stickmasterluke. These two guys kept releasing fun experiences on ROBLOX and I was hoping they’d never stop. I eventually got into coaster making thanks to StarMarine614 showing me the ropes of how to build one. Without coaster building, I would have never honed the skills to do showcases. Coasters required extremely precise details or your entire coaster would derail. The person who eventually got me into showcase building is Geico480. He’s an incredibly talented builder that guided me while I was building The Wind back in 2012. All of these people helped me keep building in the past 8 years and I don’t plan on ever stopping!

asimo3089 also gave a shout out to Badcc! He said, “He’s a smart and talented programmer who really knows what he is doing! He’s always there to help me out whenever I get stuck on something!”

Do you have tips for other builders who want to make games similar to yours?

Inspiration is so important, more than motivation in my opinion! With inspiration you won’t need motivation to start something because you’ll want to get started right away. I strongly recommend finding people on ROBLOX that inspire you because that is what will keep you going. Build the things you love and as selfish as this sounds, only build something you want to see. Chances are other people want to see it too, and the quality will shine if you’re building something you’re truly interested in. One common question I get a lot is what tool is the best for building and for that I’d have to say qCmdUtl by Quenty!

An interior screenshot from asimo's upcoming showcase!

An interior screenshot from asimo’s upcoming showcase!

Anything our users can look forward to from you in the future?

I’ve got two really awesome projects in the works and I’ll tell you a little about both of them. The first one is a Showcase based around a million dollar modern home. I’m aiming for realism like I did in Port Gloom and I think it’s going to be stunning. The challenge with that showcase is to build better furniture and other details in my games and I think this new showcase is really shining in those areas. The second project that should be done any week now is called Volt. This one is a game all about battling your friends with cycles that emit walls of light. I’m working on Volt with a user named “Badcc” and everything about this project is turning out to be very polished and fun. I’ve been promising both on my twitter account for a while now, but they should both be released within a matter of weeks!

Look forward to asimo’s upcoming million dollar home showcase! In the meantime, be sure to check on Port Gloom & Crosswinds on ROBLOX today!

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