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Welcome to the Jungle

February 12, 2016

by Roblox


Ever caught yourself wondering what it would be like if instead of people, there were only animals? Well not animals in the traditional sense per se, but anthropomorphic animals – which is just a fancy way of saying an animal that walks, talks, dresses, and for all intents and purposes, is a person. No? Well we did. It was great.

Anyways, thanks to Disney’s Zootopia, in theatres in 3D March 4th, you can explore this idea! You can build your own house and wander the streets of a sprawling urban jungle, like there is actually a jungle in the city – it’s pretty awesome. Did we mention quests? Because there are. Complete the three quests to earn a unique Zootopia inspired prizes for each. And be sure to take in all the sights from Tundra Town to Sahara Square, but be on the lookout for predators! (Just kidding. Maybe.)

Play the Zootopia Game Here!