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ROBLOX Game Spotlight: Super Paper ROBLOX

February 27, 2016

by SlingshotJunkie


Adventure, mystery, story, action, excitement. What game has all of these things in common? What game is challenging, intriguing, and filled with things to experience and explore? This week’s spotlight has all of those things rolled into one: Super Paper ROBLOX!

Super Paper ROBLOX is an action adventure platformer created by Cutout Studios that incorporates an intriguing narrative with a striking visual style. It of course pays a strong homage to Nintendo games, most obviously the Paper Mario series. The gameplay of Super Paper ROBLOX is much like what you would expect to see in an obstacle course but is made so much more interesting by how immersive it is. In the world of Paper Robloxia you are tasked with seeking out and defeating a mysterious necromancer who is gathering the evil forces of the world to throw it into chaos. Your goal is to collect seven magical scissors to defeat the evil, and stop their plans.

The narrative keeps you enthralled in the story. You find this narrative both in the world and through interactive Non-Player Characters whom you talk to. These NPCs populate the world, and make it seem alive. I love the way that the game combines the visual style with the narrative to make the game more compelling. However, if you’re not one for narrative, don’t fret! There are no forced cutscenes, so you can play this game just like a regular platformer if that’s more your style.



The visual style in Super Paper ROBLOX is perfect. Everything looks like it belongs in this paper world, from the trees, to the water, even the lighting effects are very flat and stylized. Every obstacle in your way feels this way too. All the special effects, all the people, everything is paper like. Every new place I went to I got excited because there was so much to see and it all looked so fantastic. There is a town you come back to throughout the game which I could spend hours exploring. Everything is filled with details! It’s a feast for the eyes.

The gameplay never gets stale either. I have played a lot of action platformers and many of them start to feel samey after a while–but not Super Paper ROBLOX! The challenges you face get more and more difficult, and they change as you progress through the chapters. There are eight chapters in all, giving you plenty to do as you progress through it. I could spend a week playing this game, and if I stopped to enjoy every detail, I wouldn’t be able to finish it in that time.


I am absolutely enthralled by Super Paper ROBLOX. It is so incredibly fun, it’s gameplay is accessible to a large audience, it’s great to play with friends, and it’s expertly designed. This game is definitely one of my new favorites and I can’t wait to see what Cutout Studios creates next.

Until next time, keep gettin that paper!