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Get Answers to Your ROBLOX Questions on Stack Exchange

February 29, 2016

by Laker "UristMcSparks" Sparks

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At ROBLOX we strive to make tools easy and intuitive so you can quickly make anything you can imagine. That said, as with any complex system, help and support materials are paramount to success. Whether you are coding your first loop or implementing complex monetization tactics, you want to have the answers you need just a click away. While there are many great support sites available (such as the Wiki, forums, various YouTube channels, etc) we want to take support to the next level by getting ROBLOX on Stack Exchange.  


What is Stack Exchange?

Stack Exchange is a community driven question and answers site. It is designed to give everyone the ability to ask technical questions on a variety of topics and have experts in that field provide detailed answers. Ask any software engineer, they’ve undoubtedly visited Stack Overflow to get help with a problem.  


How does it work?

Stack Exchange uses a voting and reputation system to make sure good questions and answers are easily visible. Both questions and answers can be voted on. You can sort the questions and answer by votes so you can quickly see the best content. The person who asked the question can also tag one of the answers as the one they used to fix their problem.



This upvoting and tagging leads into Stack Exchanges reputation system. The more your questions and answers are upvoted, the more reputation you will gain. Higher reputation grants site badges and new permissions (such as downvoting, editing posts, etc). This helps identify users who are high quality contributors and gives these users the ability to help moderate the site.


So what does this have to do with ROBLOX?

We want to add ROBLOX to the list of official Stack Exchange sites (you can see all the current ones here: This would give us a place where anyone could ask questions about creating or playing on ROBLOX and get high quality answers.


Sounds good. So what can we as ROBLOX users do to help?

Before a site goes live on Stack Exchange it has to go through a process in their staging area. We’ve already passed through the first phase where sample questions are posted so people can get an idea of what the site will be about. We are now in the second phase where we demonstrate there is interest in the site from the Stack Exchange community. If we get enough people to commit to the project it can move to Beta, when we can use it to start asking and answering questions!


Committing to the project is very simple. All you have to do is visit our site page and press the Commit button. You will need a Stack Exchange account (which is completely free). Here is a link to our site where you can browse the sample questions, see who else has committed, and commit yourself: ROBLOX on Stack Exchange.

We are all very excited about this project and appreciate everyone’s help in making this a big success!  

Laker “UristMcSparks” Sparks