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Crossroads Imagined in the World of LEGO

February 11, 2016

by jackintheblox


We’re constantly impressed by the talent of our community, and they way they use their skills to show off their passion for ROBLOX. Whether it’s cosplay, Google Chrome extensions, or custom jack-o-lanterns, ROBLOXians put their creative minds to work.

It’s just that sort of zeal that’s behind this ROBLOX Crossroads LEGO Ideas project. ROBLOX user 4Sci has recreated one of the most iconic places in ROBLOX as an interactive building set, complete with LEGO Minifig versions of some familiar ROBLOX faces.


LEGO Ideas is a site where fans can submit custom proposed LEGO builds that might one day become actual sets. ROBLOX and LEGO both capture the imaginations of young creators, and give them a platform to build.

We love creativity and attention to detail that went into this project. It deconstructs the Crossroads level, while still maintaining the aesthetic. There’s even well know ROBLOX gear items like a Gravity Coil and BLOXXY Cola.


You can check out more images of the proposed Crossroads set on the official project page and you can check out Crossroads the ROBLOX game here.