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Creator Showcase: AgentTech Discusses his Passion for Building

February 21, 2016

by Rachelle "OrcaSparkles"

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What I absolutely love about showcases are how easy it is to completely immerse yourself in the world the builder wants to transport you to. There are many different types of showcases and many builders have multiple worlds that they’ve spent a great deal of time working to create and bring to life.

One ROBLOX builder, Agent Tech, has created a couple of games which bring you into very different worlds. One world is Redsand Marina, a tropical boatyard and Overgrown Hideout, a room slowly being overtaken by the greenery surrounding it.

In the many worlds AgentTech has created, we can see so much care went into buildings, scenery and even the boats! In this interview, AgentTech shares some of his building tips.


ROBLOX: About how long did it take you to make Redsand Marina and Overgrown Hideout?

AgentTech: The project Redsand Marina was the culmination of many hours’ work over several weeks. I couldn’t tell you exactly how long it took to reach it’s current state, but roughly 30 hours wouldn’t be far from the truth. Overgrown Hideout was done in a single sitting, which I completed in a 8 hour stint.

How exactly did you go about making Redsand Marina and Overgrown Hideout? What were some of your main techniques you used?

As with every build I do, I always begin with a single building or feature. In the case of Redsand Marina, the large warehouse was the centerpiece and from there I begin building the other objects and extensions, then filled those areas with as many smaller details as required. Overgrown Hideout was a much smaller build, so I began with the room itself and built inwards. The key to a good build is thinking about the place as a whole; finding complimentary shapes, styles and colors. These will help to create a unified and immersive atmosphere.

Any interesting facts about these game in particular?

Redsand Marina was inspired by the style of games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the Far Cry series. Overgrown Hideout was heavily inspired by the game “The Last of Us” and of course “Portal 2”, with the encroaching plant life consuming human spaces. The Overgrown Hideout was built for the group CamoCorp as a hidden office within their headquarters. Check them out if you’re interested in high-level building!

A peak at the detail in Overgrown Hideout.

A peak at the detail in Overgrown Hideout.

Where did you get the idea to make these games through ROBLOX Studio?

I’ve been building on ROBLOX since I joined about 8 years ago. ROBLOX Studio was an outlet that was straight-forward and frankly much easier than building in-game (e.g; B0BBA’S Ultimate Build, Vikatikki’s Build, Roleplay, and Fight II, Maelstronomer’s Pilgrim Islands Reborn). Although they were social and fun, serious building on a macro level was only possible in a studio editor.

What got you into building on ROBLOX in the first place?

I’ve always had a love for creating and building. ROBLOX offered a friendly platform for me to begin online design work, and I progressed from simply playing games to using ROBLOX solely for building.

A look at a boat design from Redsands Marina!

A look at a boat design from Redsands Marina!

Did any other builders on ROBLOX inspire you?

Of course! I am constantly looking for new builds to keep me inspired. There are so many builders on Roblox who are not widely recognised although their builds are phenomenal. Neuroghost, Ragn4r, Sofloann, BlastB00m and Cottonman are all builders to keep an eye on if you’re interested in this type of building!

Do you have tips for other builders who want to make games similar to yours?

Generally, building requires immense patience, attention to detail and of course, creativity! If you are passionate and committed to building it will happen eventually. Set goals for yourself to work towards; always try to out-do your last build and you will find yourself improving. Thinking outside the box for new ideas or applying interesting techniques in your games will definitely make your builds more prolific.

Which has been your favorite to create? Which do you think took you the longest?

Although it’s far from finished, Redsand Marina has been a blast to design and undertake. There’s something incredibly satisfying about seeing all the small parts come together to be a part of something greater. Of these two builds, Redsand Marina took the longest, however my build Project: Paris took over two months to put together and was my lengthiest project.

A detailed look at the building process for a building in Project Paris!

A detailed look at the building process for a building in Project Paris!

Anything our users can look forward to from you in the future?

Who knows! I am always looking to start new projects and as I am undertaking a Bachelor in Architectural Studies this year I am sure you will see some more content from me soon. Many thanks to all the users who have supported me and my work over the years – you have given me the motivation to pursue my passion.

Through ROBLOX, AgentTech has discovered an amazing passion for building! Be sure to check out Redsand Marina, Overgrown Hideout, and Project Paris all from Agent Tech!

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