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ROBLOX Game Spotlight: Swordburst Online

January 16, 2016

by SlingshotJunkie


Hordes of monsters are out there, waiting to slay you, but you’re prepared. You have your sword, you have your skill, now go in for the kill! In this week’s spotlight we explore the wonderful, dangerous world of the masterfully created Swordburst Online.

It has been a long time since I’ve really had that MMO experience. That feeling of progress, being able to make friends, craft and fight, all within a big exciting world. Swordburst Online, created by user Rukiryo, captures that feeling I had missed. The world of Swordburst Online feels unique and fun–the way the game is designed creates the perfect atmosphere for making friends and having epic battles. The goal of the game is to get to different levels called “floors” to progress through the game world.

When I mentioned the world was big earlier, I meant BIG. I played Swordburst for hours and I barely scratched the surface of what there is to discover. I adventured around the game world killing mobs and gathering loot and I couldn’t complete exploring it before I had to write this review. The different floors look beautiful in their own unique ways–and the starter town is amazingly well designed. I took some time to just enjoy the town for a while and was able to make new friends, craft a little, and take in the atmosphere.


Beyond the enjoyable exploring, crafting, and social aspects of the game, the primary goal of Swordburst Online is to progress through the floors to get to the top. While I wasn’t able to complete that, I had a lot of fun leveling up and fighting. You can fight various mobs to gain experience and get items for crafting. Leveling up gives you more health and makes you more powerful, while crafting materials can be used to get you new weapons and gear. These things are important to get yourself equipped and ready for the next step of the game: The Dungeon.

That’s when things start to get really interesting. Getting to the next floor requires you to defeat a boss at the end of a dungeon. This is no easy feat if you’re not well equipped and with a party. Luckily I was able to find some friends along the way who helped me out, and we all went together to raid the Tower; the first floors dungeon. We had epic battles, got lost in a maze, and enjoyed some banter along the way until we got to the boss. I’ll let you discover for yourself what that looks like though, it’s worth the payoff.


My time in Swordburst Online scratched my itch for an MMORPG-like game. I love the feeling of progress and accomplishment I got from getting cool loot, crafting new gear, and making my way through the floor. I highly recommend Swordburst if you’re looking for a fun game to play with your friends too, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Until next time, keep on burstin’ on!