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ROBLOX Game Spotlight: Skybound II

January 23, 2016

by SlingshotJunkie


Look, up there! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…a ROBLOXian riding on a giant leaf blower through the sky?! You might think that’s out of the ordinary, but in this week’s spotlight it’s a common occurrence. This week we take flight, and head skywards in Skybound II by Imaginaerum!

Skybound II is an “adventure in the sky” where you are given what I would call a sky-boat and you take to the skies. You can choose between three starting vessels, each with a different focus on either defense, speed, or a balance of the two. From there you can do whatever you want. You want to be a sky pirate, and steal other people’s ships? You just have to take out their captain. Would you rather destroy and capture? Use your C4 charges to blow them out of the sky. Like to sword fight? Find a sky island and claim it as your own. Skybound doesn’t limit itself by imposing a specific goal on you–you can do what you want in it. I love that about this game, and I had a lot of fun just exploring the different islands.

The islands themselves can vary greatly; Sometimes they are  snowy islands with igloos on them. Sometimes they are grassy knolls. Sometimes they’ve got mysterious Aztec temples with hidden treasures inside. These treasures are what help you gain resources to buy bigger boats and more powerful weapons for your arsenal.


The variety of weapons and ships you can buy is astounding too–and while I didn’t have time to unlock everything, the game does have a system to let you buy ingame currency with R$ which I used to buy myself my favorite ship, the floating Japanese Temple. There are a lot of other ships you can buy, too, each with their own properties. I liked the Japanese Temple because it looked awesome and was really difficult to sink or steal.

After buying my new ship I set off to conquer some islands. Most of the sky islands have a chest on them which offers up unique items and gear, along with some scrap used for buying new ships. I loved flying around to different islands, fighting other people to get to the chest, then taking its treasures for myself. It was also satisfying to join up with other people to make a team and control an island. With the variety of islands that spawned we had endless fun trying them all out and exploring them.


My favorite time spent in Skybound was when someone finally captured my original ship. After respawning I knew I couldn’t let that stand–I would be the only one with a flying castle! We engaged in an epic battle, including several other ships, before I was finally able to sink my old ship. That’s my Skybound II story–what’s yours?

Until next time, keep on heading skywards!