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ROBLOX Game Spotlight: Gears Online RPG

January 30, 2016

by Jacob "SlingshotJunkie"

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Are you ready to explore dungeons with friends, collect awesome loot, fight hordes of ROBLOX’s fiercest monsters, and battle your way to the top? Well if you are, then look no further than this week’s spotlight–a new personal favorite of mine–guaranteed hours of fun: Gears Online RPG!

Gears Online is an action packed dungeon delver game created by BIG Games where you and your friends can meet up, enter the dungeon, and fight waves of monsters. The coolest part about Gears Online is that every dungeon is different. You can scale up through them by fighting your way to portals. These portals let you ascend to a new a level, which will have a different theme than the previous dungeon. The dungeons are randomly generated per server so every time you join a new server you’ll have a different dungeon. This keeps the game fresh and fun.

My favorite part about Gears Online is the looting system. Items drop right into your inventory which is convenient and keeps things from slowing down. Each item has different stats to improve different things. Armor gives you more HP, weapons have a damage and attack speed stat, and so on. The exciting part about the looting system is the variety of awesome loot you can find. My favorite piece of loot I found was a chair that yelled “JOHN CENA” every time I swung it. That thing never got old, not even an hour after I started using it. I even passed up on statistically better weapons just to continue to use my beloved meme chair.  


One of the features that really drew my attention to this game was its fully integrated marketplace that allows you to sell and buy items across all servers. You can literally find anything you want to buy in this marketplace, or choose to try to make your fortune selling your own loot. This is the first time I’ve seen such a system work so well, all of it is done in game with in game items through the beautifully crafted menus.

Finally, the combat is fast paced and satisfying. As far as I can tell there is no way to heal in the dungeon other than standing on glowing blue pads of energy. That means that while there, you have to watch your health, or you could be struck down quickly if you’re not careful. There are a lot of cool enemies to fight, including legendary enemies which drop super cool loot. Such enemies basically require you to fight with friends, so the servers I joined always worked together to defeat them. The game created a perfect environment to meet and make new friends while battling off orcs and monsters.



I had a grand time in Gears Online. It was fast, action packed, fun and exciting. I could lose myself in this game for hours on end without stopping. I highly recommend checking out Gears Online for yourself. It will be time well spent.

Until next time, keep on crawlin’ those dungeons!