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ROBLOX Game Spotlight: Crash Course

January 9, 2016

by SlingshotJunkie


Spinning hammers of doom, volcanoes filled with lava, killer piranha plants, and spinning gears are just some of the obstacles you’ll have to face if you want to compete in this week’s spotlight game: ROBLOX Crash Course! Buckle up for this exciting platformer competition.

Crash Course is a sidescrolling adventure racer created by Simoon68 and Chichine. The goal of the game is simple: Get to the end of the course before anyone else. The game selects a random map and sets all the players in the game at the starting line. After counting down the game starts and you have to run through the course, over obstacles and cross the finish line. The great thing about Crash Course is that it’s obstacles are all unique and interesting, and there are built in shortcuts to the maps to spice things up.

The maps themselves were a huge draw to me; with seven different maps, each with a unique design, the game never got stale or boring at any point. I loved playing all the different maps multiple times to get the feel for the different traps and jumps–planning the ideal route while mastering my jump timing. The map types really vary too, from original ideas like the Snow and Construction maps to courses inspired by Sonic and Mario.


The fun doesn’t end there though, there are also power ups and boosts you can buy which can give you the edge on the competition. In order to unlock the power-ups you have to use Crash Points (abbreviated as “CP”) which you gain from performing well in races. I felt like the power-ups were very reasonably priced, taking only a few short rounds to be able to buy some–but you don’t need power-ups to win. If used incorrectly they can wind up seriously messing you up. I often fell into pits I wouldn’t otherwise have because I was running too fast. You can also buy cosmetics like flips to make you look cool as you jump your way into the lead. If you don’t have a lot of time though, but you do have some spare ROBUX, you can always buy CP from the in-game store.

Something that Crash Course does which is really unique is that it gives you stats at the end of each round, even grading your performance based on how well you did in the course. There were times I got first place in a race but still got a low ranking because I messed up so much. If you’re competitive like me statistics like those will really get you fired up about getting a new personal high score or beating your competition by a mile.


ROBLOX Crash Course was a really refreshing game to play. It’s fast and fun, not weighed down by intrusive game mechanics, and really well crafted. I really enjoyed the way the maps were set up, each one was different and new, and they all were animated. It wasn’t just the maps though, even the background had a crowd of ROBLOXians cheering you on, which gave me the experience of really being in a big competition. It made me feel like I was racing for more than just ingame currency, I was racing for first place. I was racing to win.

Until next time, keep on crashin on!