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Kung Fu Panda Smashes Onto ROBLOX

January 6, 2016


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Everybody was Kung Fu fighting! Those Pandas were fast as lightning! Hi-yahhhh!

Po and all your other favorite characters from Kung Fu Panda are coming to ROBLOX, and it’s a little bit more than exciting. Join Po and the Furious 5 in the search for little Bao, who seems to have gotten himself lost in one of our games. Find him and he’ll probably want to become your Kung Fu disciple!

So you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was? Well then a good place to start is to practice using your Kung Fu to chop down giant trees and craft stuff in Lumber Tycoon 2. It’s like the old wax-on wax-off training that kid who liked karate did – only in a forest. Bao went to train there too, but we think he might be lost.  If you can find him, then we are sure he will be so grateful that he will stick around for all your future adventures!