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Creator Showcase: Legoman654 Makes the End of the World Beautiful

December 28, 2015

by OrcaSparkles


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore a post-apocalyptic world? Okay, that’s probably not something you’d want to do in a real life situation, however in games it’s fun to pretend! Who doesn’t want to explore a wasteland from the comfort of their own home?!

Legoman654’s showcase “Forgotten Memories” allows you to explore the world of a post-apocalyptic mini-city. So if you’re itching to explore a modern crumbling world, Forgotten Memories is for you.

If not clear by the creative title, Forgotten Memories creates the atmosphere of an abandoned city, slowly becoming overrun by the nature. It has an eerie feel and is a great world to spend some time exploring! We spoke to Legoman654 to learn more about his spooky world.

Where did you get the idea to make such an interesting world through ROBLOX?

“This came about half a year after watching play throughs of The Last of Us. I also used inspiration from an abandoned project titled Nightfall that was going to be based around one of my favorite books: The Road I had became more and more interested in modeling in studio due to me hitting a slump in coding. I needed a break from numbers and keys, so I took back my creative roots and aimed to create something that would even awe me as I play through it.”

About how long did it take you to make Forgotten Memories?

“This was definitely a world that was mapped out in my head for quite a while. It started as just an idea and a few images I had found online. The starting corner opposite of where you load in was what was created first. I spent one night making the first 4-6 buildings and adding small, little details. I based the building fronts off of images from The Last of Us that I had found on google along with real life storefronts of populated cities. Subtle changes were added over a course of several months and now even a year. It was roughly around 2 weeks before I created a version that I felt confident in sharing and showing others.”

Any interesting facts about Forgotten Memories?

“When I first worked on Forgotten Memories, I spent the first week creating everything with just my left hand. I had injured my dominant right hand on Easter of 2014 leaving it nonfunctional until I made it through about half of month of therapy before I could click my mouse button with my index finger. It was a rough time, but I had enough patience and determination to want to create something that could also inspire others as others have done to me.”

Did any other builders on ROBLOX inspire you?

“In specific to this build, there were a few. AgentTech’s overgrown hideout was one of the first that I saw. The idea of a building being overgrown and abandoned just drew so much in my mind. I also think spicyhunter3’s take on a post apocalyptic city was another big one for me in his showcase, All Gone. I really wanted to take the same idea but expand it in my own way. I wanted to create something that was based more off of what I had seen and read. Cottonman, a friend of mine, had also created many beautiful showcases and models. Seeing his work definitely made me want to jump back in and add something new and spontaneous.”

Do you have tips for other builders who want to make a showcase style games similar to yours?

“My biggest tip: find inspiration. I have had several projects similar to this one in the past but with no real purpose or inspiration. Without it, you are just creating a game with no meaning to you. This is what draws people away from wanting to expand the horizon or continually add on to what they have. They feel tired of it or want to start something new. Music that sets you in the mood for the genre is another great tip. There were days where I did not feel the urge to work on Forgotten Memories, but listening to the music of games and movies that were relevant to the build definitely put me in a place in my mind that resembled what I aimed to build.”

While building, Legoman654 mentioned he spent time listening to The Last of Us soundtrack for inspiration. Not only did Legoman654 draw from games such as The Last of Us and books like The Road, he also mentioned pulling inspiration from local buildings in his own town, proving it’s possible to find ideas anywhere!

While building, Legoman654 mentioned he spent time listening to The Last of Us soundtrack for inspiration. Not only did Legoman654 draw from games such as The Last of Us and books like The Road, he also mentioned pulling inspiration from local buildings in his own town, proving it’s possible to find ideas anywhere!

What got you into building on ROBLOX in the first place?

“Building was one of the first reasons I had joined the ROBLOX community. I used to love those 2008 build your own base games. I even had made one of my own that I would regularly play with strangers from around the world. I wasn’t the best builder at the time, but I was simply modeling thoughts to 3d objects rather than being inspired by anything in particular.”

Anything our users can look forward to from you in the future?

“I was considering a new idea or setting that is based around the same theme of Forgotten Memories. I want something where I can start from scratch again and create an all new build using recent methods such as CSG and the transform tool. Another project currently under development is a dark narrative themed game between tyridge77 and I.”

Any final words of wisdom?

“I have always enjoyed building on ROBLOX and I have picked up scripting knowledge along the way. This helps in creating showcases and games that are capable of combining the two. This is most likely why I enjoy building on its own. You have less to worry about and you can interpret things the way you want it to be seen visually. That can’t always be done through code. I feel like I am more motivated to finish something when it is simply a place of showing my builds rather than me having to jump all over the place fiddling with this and that–specifically on the coding side of things. I definitely encourage others who enjoy building to give it a try. Equip yourself with patience and motivation to continually work on something that keeps you interested each time you come back to it. You never know, it may be just enough to inspire someone else who needs it.”


Every builder starts somewhere, and it’s always wonderful to see such intricate designs by long time builders. Legoman654 has a few showcase creations. Silence and Serenity are two other showcases he has built that you can check out. And be sure to give Forgotten Memories a look to get inspired by his amazing work!

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