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Check Out The Winners of the ROBLOX T-Shirt Design Contest

December 7, 2015

by jackintheblox


The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here! We’re excited to announce the winners of our first every ROBLOX T-Shirt Design contest. The three lucky shirts chosen by you guys, the ROBLOX community, will become official shirts in our store that you can wear in real life! There were over 200,000 votes cast for the 15 shirts, and the competition was pretty intense across all three categories. We tallied up the votes, and here are your winners!

ROBLOX Brand/Powering Imagination

“The Stages of Design” by sakurahokage

We really liked the simplicity and clean design of sakurahokage’s piece and it seems you guys did as well. It’s an elegant brand shirt that conveys a bit of what ROBLOX is about, while still staying subdued.



Defaultio’s design is simple, but it speaks to the old school ROBLOX players. For those that don’t get the joke, it’s a reference to ROBLOX’s one and only television commercial, which famously ended with the proclamation, “It’s freeeeeeeeeee!”

Game Specific

“After the Flash” by ChadTheCreator

This was a close battle, but in the end After The Flash pulled out ahead, with a stunning amount of votes. We really like the Miner’s Haven design as well, which came in a close second!

The winning designs will soon be making their way to the official ROBLOX merchandise store, and you’ll be able to order them in time for Christmas! With so many amazing designs that didn’t win, we might be able to do a second round, so let us know in the comments which shirt was your favorite!