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ROBLOX Game Spotlight: Mashables

November 8, 2015

by SlingshotJunkie


I am Frankenstein, this is my monster. An abomination made by my friends and I, a pickle-headed ROBLOX R with skeleton legs and giant hands…this is the monster we made. In Tinarg’s Mashables, you too can create such a horrid creature, then run in fear from it, or maybe even control it…

Mashables is one of the most creative games I’ve stumbled upon. It’s one of those games that really utilizes the creativity of building with friends in a way that is fun and enjoyable. In Mashables you and five other players are assigned to build a monster. Each player is assigned a different part to build; left or right arm, left or right leg, head and torso. At the end of the building phase your monstrosity is assembled and set loose into the world. One player controls the monsters and the others have to hide.

There is a large variety of maps to vote on and each map has different power ups. Some allowed those who were against the monster to be able to sprint, others let them transform into blocks to hide. The monster runs much faster than the other players, so you have to be careful as to where you hide. If you’re caught you’re not out for good, though! Your friends can come to the jail and release you. This gives the game a dynamic feel, and makes it challenging for both the monster and the human team.


The possibilities of what you can build in Mashables is pretty much endless. Just like in ROBLOX studio you’re given all the tools you could ever need, resize, move, rotate, etc. The game lets you add in any shapes you want including meshes. You can get pretty complicated if you’re fast enough, or you can do something more simple. I started out with the ROBLOX R and I think it turned out pretty well. I could even color it ROBLOX red.

Mashables is a really fun and creative game. The lobby is zany and everything seems to fit the creator’s cool and crazy style. I loved the simplicity of things, the maps were straight forward, yet looked great and functioned perfectly for the gameplay. The jails were always positioned in different places causing you to have to hide in different places on the various maps.


So finally, I created my masterpiece–A giant slingshot for a head. Of course, that didn’t work out for me, as you can see, I was caught by the behemoth. What’s your favorite creation that you’ve built in Mashables? Or maybe you’ve seen a cool creation and want to share it? Comment below and let us know what you think!

Until next time, keep on creating crazy monsters that turn on you in a heartbeat!