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ROBLOX Game Spotlight: Fisticuffs!

November 21, 2015

by SlingshotJunkie


Pow! Smack! Wham! After this week’s review all I could hear in my mind were those comic book punch noises. In this post, we look at brawling and mayhem, fighting and powering up, taking the high ground and remembering to block. This week’s spotlight: Fisticuffs! by Ozzypig!

Fisticuffs is a relatively new game from developer Ozzypig. At it’s core, Fisticuffs is a battle game. However, Fisticuffs distinguishes itself from the competition in a creative, fun, and wacky manner. Ozzypig achieves this effect by changing up the dynamic of how you get KO’s. Instead of the typical “KO when you reach 0 health” Fistifcuffs implements a system where if you reach 1 health you are in the position to be home-runned right off the map. The less health you have, the easier it is for other players to bonk you out of the arena.

The game has two modes, team and free for all. I really enjoyed team mode, and had a lot of fun sticking with my unit and protecting them. Teams are represented by the color of circle below each player. The maps also add more complexity, while being simple enough to learn quickly. Taking a key spot on the map can ensure that you get plenty of KO’s quickly. Maps are chosen at random at the beginning of each round and all the maps have a unique feel and layout.

It wouldn’t be a good fighting game without powerups, and this game has plenty. Each round powerups spawn like the powerful punch and a one-time use shield. There is even a red floating puck which does massive damage if you punch it into an opponent. On top of power-ups which can be found on the map, you also earn Moustache Coins which can be spent on new punches. There is a whole catalogue to browse through, my favorite was the lifesteal punches which drained health from your enemy and gave it to you. I often felt invincible and I tried to use my punch to keep me out of KO range.


Since Fisticuffs is still in Beta I can’t wait to see what Ozzypig has in store for it. The game was incredibly fun. One of the things that surprised me the most about the game was how social it could be. Because you have the opportunity to work on a team there incentive to communicate and stick together. I love games that require teamwork to win, but even on free for all matches I had fun making rivals who I would try to fight every chance I got.

Fisticuffs has been one of the best games to pop up from the battle genre for a long time. I love its straight forward approach to its combat, while also having the power of using ROBLOX physics to blast people off maps. Fisticuffs is easy to learn and accessible to everyone, I highly recommend it.

Until next time, keep on fisticuffing on!