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ROBLOX Game Spotlight: Blocked Out

November 14, 2015

by Jacob "SlingshotJunkie"

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Sound the alarms, ready your towers, and prepare to get blocked out! This week I’m bringing you the ultimate in tower defense games. Created by ScriptOn, this is Blocked Out! Keep reading this spotlight for all the highlights of the game and to hear my insights on what makes this game a must play on ROBLOX!

Blocked Out is a new game in which you are pitted against blocks that are coming to attack your base! You’re given a cube to defend which you can rotate and build on. Your enemies start at their spawn point (represented by a green plate) and head towards your base (the red plate). In order to stop them you must build various types of towers ranging from rockets to blizzard towers, multi-directional laser towers, and even mines! Once you’ve placed your towers you can upgrade them to do cool things–a good example being the rocket tower whose rockets can be upgraded to split apart and explode on impact causing damage over a larger area.   

Building towers is a good start, but what distinguishes Blocked Out from other tower defense games is the ability to move towers. You won’t be able to defeat all the enemy cubes before they pass your tower defenses so you have to move them to keep up with the growing tide of enemies. That’s where rotating your cube, which is the field you play on, comes in handy. You can rotate the playing field by clicking on the red cube in the bottom right side of your screen. This allows you to rotate to where your enemies are so you can move your towers to continue your defense!


That’s how the game plays, but it has a lot more to it that makes the game superb. One of the things I liked most about the game is the user interface which was polished and very user friendly. In most games you would equip a tool to build towers, but in this game you use the GUI on the left to select your tower. When you select your towers that panel changes to the upgrade panel and you can purchase your upgrades there. Everything you need to know is represented well and I never got confused about how to do things.


Blocked Out is literally addictive. The game has five levels to choose from, meaning there’s hours of potential fun to be had. The game gets ever more challenging as you play, so it keeps you on your feet. If you somehow run out of levels you can buy infinite mode for something even more challenging. I literally had to force myself to stop playing on round 64 because I needed to write this review. So have you checked out Blocked Out? How far have you gotten? Let us know through the comments below!

Until next time, keep on building towers!