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How to Get an Advertiser to Sponsor Your Game and Earn ROBUX

November 05, 2015

by Kaitlyn Hogue


Have you played some of ROBLOX’s events, such as Hallow’s Eve, Jurassic World, Summer Games or Hotel Transylvania 2?  Ever wondered how the games included were chosen and if you can get a cut of the action too?

Our advertisers are always looking for cool games that they can sponsor in an event, and your game could be one of them!  Not only do the developers involved in these events make ROBUX for their time and work, it’s also a huge opportunity to promote their game to the ROBLOX community and get a ton of gameplays for free!

So how can you get involved?  Your game doesn’t have to be #1 on the Games Page to be considered.  We’re always looking for new “rising star” games that we can include in events.  There are just a few specific things that we look for:

  • Popularity:  Sometimes it does come down to just the numbers.  Event games should be reaching at least 200K gameplays a month to be considered.
  • Updated Design:  We look for games that have been well designed and have been updated recently.  Including new cool products such as Smooth Terrain also helps.
  • No Violence:  Advertisers are very sensitive to being within violent content.  Games where you cannot kill other people and do not have any weapons are much more likely to be considered.
  • No Trademarks/Logos:  We look for non-branded games that companies can sponsor for a limited time.
  • Technical Expectations:  Games should not crash easily, need to work on the Mobile platform, and must be FilteringEnabled.
  • YOU! :  We also consider you, the developer, when we choose games!  We specifically look for devs with no moderation history and ones who respond promptly to emails and requests.

If you think your game applies to these criteria, let us know about it by posting your game to Twitter with the hashtag #ROBLOXRisingStar and we might contact you to be a part of one of our events!  Check out these top games that we’ve worked with in the past for examples of what we’re looking for: