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BLOXgiving Has Arrived!

November 17, 2015

by Christina "BrightEyes" Shedletsky

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ROBLOX is pleased to announce this year’s Bloxgiving has begun! And we are even more excited to inform you that we have teamed up with The Good Dinosaur to bring some thunderous prehistoric fun to this year’s event! Why? Because, who doesn’t love dinosaurs, that’s why. Search throughout our Bloxgiving themed games, and try to find The Good Dinosaur inspired item hidden in each game. Find them and you’ll have awesome new clothes to rock during Bloxgiving!

Head into the mines of Epic Mining 2 and work up that appetite for a meal worthy of Bloxgiving! While you’re there try to find the comfy winter hat inspired by The Good Dinosaur and you’ll have a stylish headpiece for all future Bloxgivings.

Build your own banquet hall to house your Bloxgiving festivities in Lumber Tycoon 2! And while you’re at it, keep your eyes peeled for some sweet new eye-wear. We left some sunglasses and their all yours if you can find them! (Just don’t wear them to the dinner table on Bloxgiving.)

Celebrate Bloxgiving the way our Robloxian forefathers would have wanted – by pretending to be dinosaurs! Actually, I bet they would have wanted us to pretend to be dinosaurs all day every day, but whatever. And while you are getting your dinosaur on, look for the Baseball cap we hid – it’s a modern piece of clothing in a prehistoric simulator so it shouldn’t be that hard to spot!