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Announcing the Finalists for the ROBLOX T-Shirt Design Contest!

November 23, 2015

by jackintheblox


Last week we launched the first ever ROBLOX T-Shirt Design Contest, and the response was incredible. We got 600 some entries into the contest, awesome! Everything from imaginative and abstract to humorous text-based shirts.

We’ve whittled the hundreds of entries down to these 15 finalists, and YOU guys, the ROBLOX community will get to decide which shirts ultimately win! Tomorrow we’ll be uploading these shirts to the ROBLOX catalog for 10 TIX each. To cast your vote all you have to do is buy the shirt. Buy one, buy them all, it’s up to you! Voting will be open until next Friday, December 4, and the winners will be announced the week after that. The winning shirts will be the first entries into wave two of our official merchandise store in 2016!

So without further ado, here are the finalists for the ROBLOX T-Shirt Creation Contest.

ROBLOX Brand/Powering Imagination

“Exaggerated Combat” by Fenrier (NOTE: This entry came in under the game specific category, but we felt it worked really well as a brand shirt as well).

“Universal Creativity” by Petrovolt

“Powering Imagination” by MadelineM

“The Stages of Design” by sakurahokage

“ROBLOX Evolution” by Stravan


“The Noob Poking a Bomb With a Stick” by Sofloann


“It’s Free” by Defaultio

“The Noob Tube” by JakeTheNewb

“Eat, Sleep, ROBLOX” by glogirlz123

Specific Game

“Miner’s Haven” by berezaa

“After the Flash” by ChadTheCreator

“Framed! Parody Poster” by pa00

“Tiny Titans” by Pyrolysis

“TNT Rush” by RBXKyle and Maplestick

“Whatever Floats Your Boat” by Quenty

There you have it, the finalists for our first ever ROBLOX T-Shirt Design Contest! These finalists will all be made into shirts you can get for your ROBLOX character in our catalog. Check back here tomorrow for the update, and congratulations to all of our finalists!