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ROBLOX Game Spotlight: The Stalker Reborn

October 31, 2015

by Roblox


There’s so much to love about The Stalker: Reborn that I hardly know where to begin: the gameplay, the user interface, or the brilliant level design. Seriously, this game is beautiful and it’s a lot of fun to play. So stay tuned as I present to you The Stalker: Reborn by Casual Hat Games.

The Stalker: Reborn is a team-based survival horror game where each round one player is selected to play as the Stalker, and everyone else is placed on the Combine team to hunt the stalker, and survive. As a Combine you’re given weapons and tools to fight off the Stalker, who is an invisible killing machine that’s out to get you. There’s a large variety of customization you can do by buying different weapons and tools, and even outfits which makes the game re-playable. But watch out! No amount of guns can save you if you let your guard down! You have to work as a team or you’ll never be able to beat the Stalker.

The Stalker has a lot of abilities to help him catch his prey, from the standard attack to a voice call that can be used to lure people away or to scare them. This level of detail really adds tension to the game making it thrilling. It’s even more creepy when you’re the last player alive…never knowing when the Stalker is going to strike.



The Stalker: Reborn is beautiful. The level designers did a great job balancing atmosphere while also making the maps fun and fair. In the shot above you can see a lot of awesome things that the creators are using to spice up the maps. They use a lot of neon material but they do it in a way that contrasts with the concrete building in the lobby giving an awesome cyberpunk feel to it. I love the ambiance and atmosphere. The game is worth a visit just to check out the lobby alone.

One of my favorite things about The Stalker: Reborn is that the lobby (which is where you are sent after you die in a match or once a match is finished) has so much functionality in it. In order to join a round you have to get on a drop-ship which flies you out of the hanger and drops you in the map. If you want to buy something you have to go to an actual physical store. If you want to spectate you can go to the surveillance room and sit at one of the computers or if you want to do some target practice you can do that at the shooting gallery. Everything has a function, and it all functions very well.


I love everything about The Stalker: Reborn. It has everything I want out of a game, and is challenging to boot. I’ll definitely be spending more time playing this game in the future. What about you? Have you checked out The Stalker: Reborn? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

Until next time, keep-on-not-letting-your-whole-team-die-so-you’re-the-last-one-left-with-the-stalker-who-is-taunting-you on.