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ROBLOX Game Review: Vampire Hunters 2

October 24, 2015

by SlingshotJunkie


It wouldn’t be halloween if ROBLOX didn’t have vampire games. This week I bring you one of our favorites, Vampire Hunters 2. Prepare for battle, ready your weapons, and bring your friends! The vampires are out there and they’re coming for you.

Vampire Hunters 2 by ZacAttackk is a compelling round-based vampire mystery-action game. As soon as you enter the game you’re pulled into it. The graphical user interface work in this place is astounding–everything is so smooth and polished: the store looks great, the main menu is clear and concise, and once you get into a match the GUI’s continue to astound. It has an immediate professional feeling to it that stuck with me even after I had finished the game.

Of course, this game isn’t only admirable for its looks. A game of course needs to be fun to be a good game, and Vampire Hunters 2 is a lot of fun.. At the start of the round you’re assigned to be one of three roles: Survivor, Detective, or Vampire. Survivor, who has no weapons, is on the defensive. As a Survivor it’s your job to call out anyone you suspect to be a Vampire. If you see anyone getting dragged away it’s up to you to call out who is doing the dragging! Then there is the role of Detective who receives a gun. His job is to hunt down any Vampires, and kill them before they finish off the Survivors. If your Detective dies, don’t worry, he drops his gun so there’s always a chance to get it back!


And last, but not least, there’s the role of the Vampire. It took me multiple rounds before I got a chance to become the Vampire, but when I did it was awesome. Vampires can catch their prey and drag them away to finish them off. At any time they can cause themselves to look like a normal Survivor, except for when they feed, so you have to make sure you’re careful about who you nab and when! There was something extremely satisfying about the way you attack as a Vampire–the fact that you have to be methodical about who to catch, and when, adds a whole new layer of interest upon the already fun gameplay.

But Vampire Hunters 2 doesn’t finish there; it has multiple different game types to keep things interesting. Though my favorite gamemode was the Classic, I also really enjoyed the Vampires versus Hunters where half the players as Hunters are pitted against the other half as Vampires in all out combat. Along with the various game modes, there are plenty of well designed maps to keep things fun. I think that the coolest thing about the maps is the fact that they don’t change after every round but after every three or so, so you have time to really learn the map you’re playing on and are ready to move on to the next one.


I liked Vampire Hunters 2; it’s a great game with a lot of fun things to do and a lot of Survivors to devour. It’s a great addition to any Halloween game list you have, and I’d definitely recommend it. What do you think of Vampire Hunters 2? Did you survive your time? Or maybe it fulfilled your vampiric needs? Let us know through the comments below!

Until next time, keep on hunting on!