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ROBLOX Game Review: Stop it, Slender! 2

October 18, 2015

by SlingshotJunkie


It’s October, so you know what that means: Trees change colors, everyone ever buys pumpkin spice coffee, and on ROBLOX we get 2spooky. This month’s reviews will be covering some of our favorite spooky scare games out there. This week we gear up with one that actually made me jump in my chair: “Stop it, Slender! 2

Now I have to start out by admitting something; I really expected to not enjoy this game. I’ve never really been into jumpscares–not because they’re scary–but because they’re not scary. I always looked at creepy things like Slender and thought “eh, so what?” This game changed my mind. The game starts by dropping you into a map with (so far as I could tell) randomly placed pages scattered throughout it.. Everyone on the server, except whoever is picked to be Slender, is on a mission to collect these pages before time runs out or Slender gets them.

Players also have to turn on generators which open up new parts of the map. It seemed a bit arbitrary as to why you had to do this (often inaccessible areas were blocked off by red force fields) but it was still fun regardless, making the maps feel more full and exciting. The aesthetics of the game were simple, yet they drew me in. Everything was straightforward by stylized, adding to the creepy factor.  On top of all of that, the sound design was spot on from environmental sounds, to heartbeats, to the noises Slender makes.


I thought the fun ended there. Playing a citizen was engaging, but it took me a long time to become Slender, so by the time I did I was expecting it to not be challenging. In some cases this was true, but there were some players who were really good at clinging to walls and not looking at me so they didn’t get gotten. This created fun situations where I was locked onto my target who just wouldn’t give up. You’re able to become visible and invisible at will, and can even latch onto people when visible, but some of the best users still gave me the slip.

Playing this game got me really excited for the season and I’m glad it was the first one we reviewed. It really is worth a try, though I suspect you’ll be finding yourself playing for hours. Slender or citizen, both roles are engaging and exciting and there is plenty to explore and do in the game. I didn’t even have time to collect enough pages to buy perks, which look like they could really enhance gameplay. I expect you can probably get a lot of value from playing this game.



So what do you think? Is Stop It, Slender! 2 too spooky for you? Or did you find it to be a snooze? Let me know what you think by tweeting us with #ROBLOXGameReviews

Until next time, keep on spookin on!