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ROBLOX Game Review: Hexaria

October 2, 2015

by SlingshotJunkie


I love Hexaria. It’s awesome, you should play it. I could probably just end my review there if not for all of the awesome features and content in the game to talk about. Strategic cards, unique game design, beautiful maps and fun with your friends are what I have time to cover in this review, but it has so much more to it. So let’s take a brief look at Biostream, MisterObvious, and Crykee’s new MMORPG Trading Card Game, Hexaria MMORPG Demo.

The heart of Hexaria is it’s cards. Throughout its closed beta these cards were refined and made into what you can see today. The cards are look great, are easy to understand, and creative. The cards you can build your deck with are determined by what class you choose, Pirate, Ranger, Rogue and Wizard. The different classes give you different starting card options. The wizard has a lot of powerful spells, the ranger has great long range weaponry, the Pirate uses a lot of traps and the Rogue uses buffs and poisons. I personally went with the Rogue class and stacked damage buffs to dole out huge spikes of damage to my enemies. Once you build your deck you’re ready to battle!

Unlike traditional Trading Card Games (or TCGs) Hexaria puts you right in the middle of the action! The goal is for you to defeat your enemies avatar with your avatar. Your move around the hex-tiled gameboard laying traps, powering up, and attacking with your cards. Cards cost energy to cast though, so if you want to cast more powerful cards you have to pass to build up power. This is the only thing that slows down the gameplay, and I wish you built up energy every turn to make things faster and more exciting. That said, it still works as is.


Of course you’re able to battle your friends (or foes) in one on one duels, but there’s more out there than just playing against players. Hexaria features three full MMORPG maps that let you and your friends battle powerful foes, level up, and unlock new cards. The levels get increasingly more difficult as you progress through them, which gives you a reason to push on and to complete the game. These worlds are beautifully built utilizing particles, dynamic lighting, and excellently constructed models. So if you’re ever getting your face smashed in by a troll you at least have something pretty to look at.


I could literally go on about this game all day but I don’t want to spoil the experience for you. If you like MMORPG’s, card games, co-op and multiplayer games, you should check out Hexaria. If you do decide to check it out, let us know what your favorite class and deck is by tweeting @ROBLOX using #HexariaDecks

Until next time, get ready to d-d-duel!