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ROBLOX Game Review: Cube Eat Cube

October 11, 2015

by SlingshotJunkie


It’s a dog eat dog world out there, which means that here on ROBLOX it must be a Cube Eat Cube world. In StickMasterLuke’s “Cube Eat Cube” you get to experience exactly what the old adage means by eating small cubes to get bigger to eat bigger cubes. but watch out, because those bigger cubes might just eat you instead!



In the game of Cube Eat Cube you start out as a little colored cube. Roaming around the game world, you’ll find small non-player cubes which sit there waiting to be gobbled up. When you move over them you absorb them into your cube making you bigger and stronger, though a little slower. This is the core of the gameplay of Cube Eat Cube.

However, there is another function to the game: Division. Using the spacebar you can split yourself in half, shooting one of the halves toward the direction of your cursor. This might seem insignificant but it’s the only way to beat out the competition later in the game. Since you get slower as you grow bigger you can’t catch other cubes that are smaller for you so you have to shoot your other halves at them in order to catch them. This also makes for a great escape tool in emergencies.



So that’s the game in a nutshell. There is no “goal” or “end game,” it’s more of a competition to see who can be the biggest. Players can get pretty massive, I was in a server with a user–appropriately named BossCube–who was over 10,000 in size! Since you start out as a little cube with a size of 2 he towered over everyone. I never got to be quite that big, but I can imagine it must have felt great to be that massive.





How big is the biggest you’ve ever been in Cube Eat Cube? Did you enjoy the game? Let me know your thoughts through the comments or by tweeting at us using  #ROBLOXGameReview.

Until next time, keep on om-nom-nom!