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Hallow’s Eve 2015 – Last Chance to Win!

October 30, 2015

by BrightEyes


You guys have been doing an excellent job finding all of the awesome Zombies we’ve hidden across all three of our Halloween games. If you haven’t already – check out your favorites rethemed for this spooktacular season.  Work at a Pizza Place and Ripull’s Minigames are all decorated for Halloween and contain an undead surprise!  You guys have already found over 325k Zombies – but time isn’t up yet!  Keep your eyes peeled as you’re exploring for mysterious Nerf zombies in each game. If you find the zombie you get to keep the zombie’s awesome Nerf gear!

In addition to Halloween versions of your favorite game, we’ve also got a brand new Halloween Game. Play Halloween Zombie Strike and explore the spooky map while you try to stay alive as the Zombie hordes invade!  Defeat the zombies with your Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator to win the Nerf Tactical Vest!  Check out all the Halloween fun here.

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