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Get a Sneak Peek at our BLOXtober Event!

October 9, 2015

by Roblox


BLOXtober, ROBLOX’s spooky October event, kicks off next week, but to whet your appetite we’ve got a little sneak peek at the brand new game created exclusively for the holiday.

ROBLOX developer Davidii (creator of Heroes) has teamed up with skilled builder Quenty (creator of Whatever Floats Your Boat) to create a type of game we’ve never seen on ROBLOX before: an on-rails shooter through a haunted mansion and graveyard. It’s scary, it’s exciting, and it’s mobile friendly! Check out some of these screens to see the gorgeous work Quenty has done on the project:






The BLOXtober Halloween event kicks off next week. We’ll have a full rundown of the event, and all the prizes you can earn, very soon. Check back here on the ROBLOX blog for the full scoop!