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ROBLOX Coming to Xbox One

September 24, 2015

by David Baszucki

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From our beginnings on PC, ROBLOX and our creators have pushed the boundaries of Community Created Gaming. We’ve expanded to Mac, iOS, Android and other mobile platforms. Each time we added a platform, more players from all over the world were able to join the ROBLOX community and play together. And for years, we’ve been looking forward to making the leap to a major console… Well, that day is now just around the corner.

We’re thrilled to announce that ROBLOX is coming to the Xbox One, as a free download, on January 27, 2016!

This ROBLOX experience will be updated to fit the Xbox environment and audience. We’ll initially launch with 15 of the most popular and highest rated games on ROBLOX. These games are currently being updated by their creators for the Xbox One controller and the big screen. They are a fantastic showcase for Community Created Gaming, and provide an awesome introduction to ROBLOX for new players.

In 2016, we plan to add additional games, with the vision to eventually have ROBLOX on Xbox One operate much the same way ROBLOX does on other platforms– allowing creators to publish their game and have it appear instantly on Xbox One.

So which games will be included at launch? Right now we can confirm the following titles:

There will be plenty more, and we’ll announce them in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Roblox for Xbox Horizontal

Curious what else is new for this release? When you boot up ROBLOX on Xbox you’ll be able to choose from a selection of original characters exclusive to the console (You may have seen some of them in the ROBLOX store already). They are an eclectic mix of styles and genres that encapsulate the diversity and awesomeness of the ROBLOX community.

For those of you that like Xbox Achievements, ROBLOX on Xbox ships with 1000G Achievement Points to earn! We’ll give you more details about this as we get closer to the launch date, which is tentatively scheduled for December 3rd, 2015.

We’re really excited to bring ROBLOX to a new platform and to introduce Community Created Gaming to a new audience. Looking forward to seeing you on the console when ROBLOX hits the Xbox One Store (for free) this December.