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Creator Showcase: Mountebank Draws Inspiration from Japanese Architecture and Disney Films

September 29, 2015

by Rachelle "OrcaSparkles"

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Creator Showcases are a series of blog posts highlighting the works of some of ROBLOX’s best showcase artists. If you know of builders out there who deserve recognition, link us to one of their places in the comments below!

Often times on ROBLOX we tend to focus on the awesome games that players participate in daily (I mean who doesn’t love a good round of Twisted Murder, am I right?). However, there are amazing developers who create worlds of their own which aren’t related to games at all. Mountebank is one of these talented builders who has created a vast variety of worlds using ROBLOX Studio!

Mountebank’s showcase Sunset Shima allows your ROBLOX character to explore a gorgeous Japanese style world. Walking around Mountebank’s well-crafted place, your ROBLOX character can experience a Japanese island getaway! Featuring amazing Japanese architecture, bridges, waterfalls, and flora.

We interviewed Mountebank, asking how he imagined such an amazingly detailed place and what skills he used to actually go about making Sunset Shima come to life.

Where did you get the idea to make such a beautiful world using ROBLOX Studio?

I started building it when I had no internet access, so I had absolutely no inspiration. I started out by building things by what I know. The cave, rocks, arches were all built in offline-mode studio. I didn’t want to be sitting there not building anything and started a random project that became a huge showcase.

How exactly did you go about making Sunset Shima? What were some of your main techniques you used?

The biggest technique I’d like to point out is the plugin most builders are familiar with called Building Assistant by ROBLOX user M0RGOTH. The main technique was to put as many detail in the little things as you can. Have fun and experiment with what ROBLOX has provided to you.

Sunset Shima

Sunset Shima

Sunset Shima is a complex looking showcase which obviously took a lot of time and heart to build. About how long did it take you to make the game?

Sunset Shima took quite a while, but not all that long to actually build. I’d like to say I started around a year ago, September. I’d spend an hour every day, two if I was really motivated. I finished it within 3 months because it was a trial and error project, I’d input things that would look nice for a while, but then would delete. To summarize, I’d say it took 135 hours of pure building to compose a showcase like Sunset Shima!

Sunset Shima isn’t the only showcase Mountebank has created. Time Island, Zhangjiajie National Park and his current WIP Arendelle (the kingdom from the Disney film Frozen) are among many of the other amazing worlds Mountebank has created with ROBLOX Studio.

I noticed you have a lot of other showcases! Which is your favorite? Which do you think took you the longest?

I’d like to say my favorite would be my first big showcase, “Time Island”. Time Island is probably my biggest achievement yet not only because it’s highly detailed but it’s never going to be finished. I always add something to it every once in a while. As I get better at building, so does Time Island!

Currently you’re working on an Arendelle showcase, how long have you been working on that? When do you think you’ll have it finished by?

I’ve been working on Arendelle for about 3 weeks now. I plan to finish it by the end of this year!

Project Arendelle, coming soon!

Project Arendelle, coming soon!

Anything our users can look forward to from you in the future?

I’d love to answer this, but a magician can’t tell his secrets. I can tell you a hint though. Tangled.

For those of you interested in checking this place out, Mountebank let us in on his secret. There are 8 silly Easter Eggs in Sunset Shima. Can you find them all?!