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Meet the Creators of ROBLOX Deathrun

August 23, 2015

by Jack "jackintheblox" Hendrik

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Have you ever wondered who made your favorite games on ROBLOX, and how they got their ideas? We want to know too, which is why we host a bi-weekly show on Twitch dedicated to interviewing the developers of awesome ROBLOX games, and playing with them. It’s called The Creator Show and it airs every other Friday at 2 p.m. Pacific on

This episode featured two of the guys behind the hugely popular Deathrun series, Wsly and Zomebody. With the launch of their third entry into the series, ROBLOX Deathrun, we brought them on the show to talk about what it’s like working as a team, and what challenges go into making a game like Deathrun.

You can check out a highlight of the show here, or head over to our past broadcasts to watch the entire thing.

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The Deathrun series of games are a 1 vs everyone game, wherein a group of runners are trying to traverse a trap laden course, while the Killer sets off traps and tries to prevent anyone from reaching them. It’s hectic, silly, and has long been a fan favorite amongst ROBLOX players.

ROBLOX Deathrun expands on the series, offering bigger, more complicated maps that have randomized traps, so you’ll always be kept on your toes.

One of the cool things about Wsly and Zomebody is that they’re local friends in the Netherlands, who are now attending the same game design school, and they used their ROBLOX work to get accepted!

If you’re interested in learning about your favorite ROBLOX games, be sure to catch The Creator Show every other Friday at 2 p.m. Pacific on We also archive each episode so you can catch it later if you can’t see it live.