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Hundreds of Thousands of Minions… and Counting!

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The Minions are still wandering around on ROBLOX, shouting the names of different fruit and slap-fighting each other. You guys have banded together to find and win:

  • 89,396 Banana Leaf Minions
  • 78,039 Cro-Minions
  • 49,919 Vive Le Minions
  • 89,396 Dawn of Time Goggles
  • 78,039 Cro-Minion Clubs
  • 49,919 Vive Le Minion Swords

But all good (evil?) things must come to an end. Check out the Minions-themed games to find the lost Minions, and collect your prizes before it’s too late! The Minions have appreciated the help they’ve received so far, and they’ve still got plenty more villain swag to give out. Be sure to catch Minions, now playing!