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Get a Jumpstart on Building with New Game Templates

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At ROBLOX we’re constantly trying to make the experience of jumping from player to builder, and builder to developer, easier and more streamlined. Sometimes, the biggest challenge to making a game is just taking that first step. To that effect, ROBLOX Studio features a few templates for new players to use to get right into the experience. We’re pleased to announce we’ve added two new templates to Studio, and they’re the coolest ones yet!

If you open up Studio the first thing you’ll see is the Game Templates section. That’s where you can find things like castles, or ready to go shooter game set pieces. And it’s where you can now find the templates for Infinite Runner and Pirate Island.

Infinite Runner

Infinite Runner is a template to build an endless running type of game. If you’re familiar with games like Temple Run, then the Infinite Runner template will be familiar to you. By default it’s set to look like a kind of ancient temple, but you have the ability to customize it however you want. The template is designed to be manipulated and is easy to learn.

The template comes with built in controls for keyboard, mobile, and gamepad. Plus leaderboards, and a built in tutorial! It’s a complete, ready to publish game right from the start, all you have to do is make it your own.

We put it to the test, and tasked our social media guy, JackintheBlox, to customize an infinite runner game. In about an hour, he turned the default place you see on the left into the space themed runner on the right, with all new materials and skybox. He even changed the keyboard controls.

On the left, the template in Studio. On the right, a customized version of the game!

On the left, the template in Studio. On the right, a customized version of the game!

If you’d like to see how the Infinite Runner template looks when it’s completed, check out the published game.


Pirate Island

The other new template, Pirate Island, uses Smooth Terrain and our endorsed assets to give you a stunning island space to build in. ROBLOX user Quenty built the map, and it’s really awesome. So if you like it, and use it, throw a thank you his way.

It’s worth loading up Pirate Island just to explore. The Smooth Terrain is on full display, even some of the newer materials like the magma on that rumbling volcano.

One of the cool features about Pirate Island is that when you load up the Toolbox, it automatically shows pirate and nautical themed models. Of course you can put whatever you want in there, too, but we’ve made it easy to find some excellent models and assets that compliment the build.

Pirate items at your disposal, right when you load up the template!

Pirate items at your disposal, right when you load up the template!


If you’re a newcomer, or an experienced developer, check out the new templates and play around.  We hope that these new templates empower the community to try their hand at creating something on ROBLOX, and we’d love to see what you all make with them.

We’ll be rolling out more features like these in the future, so stay tuned for more info. Have fun building and tinkering!