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Dragons: Race to the Edge Soars into ROBLOX

June 26, 2015

by BrightEyes


Hiccup and the dragon riders from Berk are coming to help you train some dragons of your own! Well, they’re actually here to search for a mysterious and powerful relic that has taken them on a journey far from home; but, we still plan on getting them to teach us a thing or two about dragon riding!

Come and join the adventure in search of the Dragon’s Eye! Win:

  • Heather’s Hair (mimicry is the highest form of flattery).
  • Heather’s boots, they were made for stomping.
  • Hiccup’s shoulder pads, the same ones that have protected him from arrows and dragon flames alike.
  • Plus, if you collect all three lenses, you win the powerful Dragon Eye yourself!

Head on over to the Dragons: Race to the Edge event page to check out the games, and start earning prizes!

And be sure to catch DreamWork’s Dragons: Race to the Edge on Netflix, starting June 26th!