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Share the Wealth With Group Owned Games

May 28, 2015

by Rosemary Ehlers


The ROBLOX community has long been one of collaboration and teamwork, and no better place is that displayed than our Groups. The Groups have been used in a variety of ways: clans, clothing companies, social clubs, professional wrestling LARP leagues, and, of course, development studios.

Now we’re making it easier for Groups to collaborate together on games, and reward everyone for their hard work.

Group Owned Games expands on the abilities Groups have with making Places. Instead of just personal servers, Groups can publish public games that all of ROBLOX can play. So, for instance, if you’ve created a development studio group, and you wanted to publish games under that name instead of a specific person, you can do so.

And here’s where it really gets good: You can share the revenue.

The Group Owned Games feature also comes with the ability to pay group members using the existing Group funds. We’ve provided a variety of tools that let Group owners pay users in one time chunks, or automatically recurring percentage-based payments.

A basic flowchart for how revenue from Group Owned Games works.

A basic flowchart for how revenue from Group Owned Games works.

The Group owner can manually send payments to Group members, and can also set it up so that revenue coming from the Group’s games are distributed immediately to the developers. No matter what you use Groups for, chances are you’ve wanted to share your funds among the members, and now you can do exactly that.

If you want to get started creating a Group Owned Game, or learning how you can distribute your funds to your Group members, check out the Group Owned Games wiki page.