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Challenge Your Rivals in ROBLOX’s May Event: Ultimate Competition

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Itching for another site event? Want to earn exclusive badges and hats? Well good news, ROBLOXians, because starting Monday, May 11 you’ll have the opportunity to score sweet items and show off your mad gaming skills.

The theme for May’s site event is Ultimate Competition, and focuses on three competitive, multiplayer ROBLOX games that embody the spirit of friendly, but intense competition that ROBLOX gamers are great at.

The three games featured this month are all a different twist on competition:

HEX – This sci-fi, third person shooter is fast paced and explosive. Take careful aim and get your shots in.

Robot BLOX – Inspired by bot battling leagues, Robot BLOX puts you in control of a fighting robot. Crash, burn, and smack your way to victory!

Hide and Seek Extreme – Arguably the best playground game ever is on ROBLOX, though it’s not the version you play iRL. Traverse the gigantic environments and stay out of sight if you don’t want to be caught!

Robot BLOX, one of the three featured games for Ultimate Competition.

Robot BLOX, one of the three featured games for Ultimate Competition.

Each game features two different hats to earn, for a total of six hats. One hat in each game is a randomly appearing item you have to snag. The other is tied to a skill-based achievement. Each hat also comes with a badge that can only be earned during the event, so everyone can see just how awesome you are.

We’re excited to feature three of the most fun games on ROBLOX. Polish your skills and get prepped, Ultimate Competition launches tomorrow, and runs for the next couple weeks!