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Taymaster Earns the First Ever $50,000 DevEx Payout

April 11, 2015

by Andrew Haak


If you’ve been on ROBLOX any time in the last six months, chances are you’ve heard of Twisted Murderer. Not only has it remained one of the most consistently popular games, accumulating more than 14.5 million total visits since its launch last fall, it’s also been the top earning game. This killer combination has all but guaranteed Twisted Murderer a prime spot at or near the top of the ROBLOX Games charts — and kickstarted Taymaster’s game development career.

Defying the usual lifespan of a video game, Twisted Murder’s barreling momentum continues to this day. In fact, the game has done so well so far this year that Taymaster just achieved yet another huge milestone: he’s become the first person to earn $50,000 in a single month through the ROBLOX Developer Exchange.

“It feels amazing to think millions of awesome people around the world take time out of their own daily lives to play and support the games I make,” Taymaster says. “Never in a million years could I ever imagine receiving a $50K pay check at the end of the month. To me this feels like an unreal dream.”

He’s awake. It’s real. Twisted Murderer is a special game, one that receives a tremendous amount of community support and is driven by a developer who has a good understanding of what players find entertaining.

For starters, Twisted Murderer’s gameplay is unpredictable by nature and the title receives regular content updates, keeping players coming back to experience more bizarre murder antics in new environments. But it also features a layer of extra depth in its in-game shop. You can grab anything from flashy weapons to a boombox that lets you control the soundtrack to accessories inspired by popular memes, all of which work as symbols of experience and self-expression for lots of fans. Twisted Murderer is tied right into the culture of ROBLOX and the internet at large — that’s a big part of why it works so well.


Twisted Murderer is tied right into the culture of ROBLOX and the internet at large — that’s a big part of why it works so well.

Taymaster says he’s been on ROBLOX for roughly eight years. Only in the last year, though, has he started to gain notoriety in the community.

Why does that matter? Because reaching this level of success – getting that seemingly impossible $50,000 payout – doesn’t come easy. It requires an excellent core game, an understanding of your audience, and a lot of dedication.

“Never give up,” Taymaster says. “The first few games I made weren’t exactly ‘popular hits,’ but I didn’t let this get me down to the point where I felt the need to give up. So if you put your mind to anything and strive to meet your goals, eventually you can find success.”

Taymaster is using his earnings to pay for living expenses, a fancy game dev rig, traveling, and “lots of pizza,” while putting what’s left in the bank for the day he’s ready to purchase a house. Let’s reflect on that for a moment: Taymaster is saving his ROBLOX earnings for a future house. He’s also got a few game ideas floating around, with one yet-to-be-revealed title in development right now. Follow Taymaster on his ROBLOX profile and watch out for him to start leaking teasers soon!

Our congratulations go out to Taymaster for his huge achievement. Of course, hundreds of other game developers have used ROBLOX and DevEx to earn money (to the tune of more than $1.75 million) off their creations, and this represents the broader trend at work. Game development is for everyone. People of all ages are creating the future of games using ROBLOX.

We can’t wait to see more and more people take advantage of ROBLOX to not only get into game creation, but launch their careers.