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ROBLOX and Maker Faire Team Up for 2015 Events

April 01, 2015

by NobleDragon


Last year we tried something new: we had ROBLOXians like you host events all over the world. As part of Maker Faires, players and developers from the community got to show off their skills and tell the world about ROBLOX while helping run our booth. Even better, it allowed us to host in-person events multiple times a year and in multiple countries, and lots of ROBLOX fans to participate. It was a huge success, and we’re gearing up to do the same this year!

We’re thrilled to announce that ROBLOX will have a booth at a dozen Maker Faires in 2015, in three different countries, starting this month. If you’re interested in attending any of these Maker Faire events, you can fill out this form on our Events page. You’ll get alerts for the Maker Faire you pick, with news on whether we need participants, who will be attending, and any updates that might pop up.

Here’s the schedule. These events — especially those later in the year — may change, so watch for us to announce each one individually before making plans to attend!


Name Location Date
Maker Faire UK Newcastle, England April 25 & 26
Maker Faire Bay Area San Mateo, CA May 16-18
National Maker Faire Washington, DC June 12 & 13
Maker Faire Detroit Detroit, MI July 25 & 26
Mini Maker Faire Portland Portland, OR September 12 & 13
Mini Maker Faire Seattle Seattle, WA September 19 & 20
Maker Faire Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI September 26 & 27
World Maker Faire New York New York, NY September 26-28
Maker Faire San Diego San Diego, CA October 3 & 4
Maker Faire Atlanta Atlanta, GA TBA – October
Maker Faire Toronto Toronto, Ontario TBA – November

Last year the Maker Faires were so successful because of ROBLOX fanatics like you. It’s a great way to meet some of the developers who make your favorite games, as well as score cool exclusive prizes and spread the word about ROBLOX. We hope to see a ton of you there!We’ll update the Events page with more info as we lock things in, so you can see which developers and staff members are attending each event.