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Hex Builds a Fanbase With Its Unique Gameplay and High Presentation Value

April 19, 2015

by jackintheblox


Game design is a process of exploration as much as it is about building and scripting. Finding a balance between vision and resources is key. The best games on ROBLOX are the ones that utilize the platform well. One of these games is HEX, a sci-fi third-person shooter inspired by other console and PC games, but presented in an entirely ROBLOX way.

Created by the duo owen0202 and SilentSwords, under the development team name SO Studios, HEX hit the scene in early 2015. It built a dedicated following almost instantly, amassing over a million plays in a few short months. HEX was originally conceived as a grid-based conquest game, using hexagonal tiles. If you think about Risky Strats meeting a shooter, you’re not far off.

In its current state, HEX is a more traditional shooter, featuring teams of six players each, fighting it out in various game modes like Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Capture the Flag. HEX features customizable loadouts for your character, so you can fine-tune your playing style. Explosive-loving players may go for grenades, while someone who wants maneuverability might opt for a jetpack.

The team at SO Studios lists a lot of shooters as their inspiration — everything from Counter-Strike to Team Fortress 2 — though the Halo influence is clear in the aesthetic and mechanics of HEX. However, it’s clear to see from the get go that HEX plays uniquely. Decidedly not a first-person game, HEX is played in a third person perspective, with a free reticule for aiming in every direction. It’s a mechanic found most often in ROBLOX games, and it takes a different mindset and skill set to master.

The mastery of HEX is on full display in the game’s hardcore community. While smaller than, say, Call of ROBLOXia, HEX players are some of the most dedicated, pouring in dozens of hours into the game. Hop into any game of HEX and watch some of the higher level players battle it out, and you’ll see an impressive display of mid air acrobatics, lightning fast reflexes, and some dead on aiming.

We had the pleasure of chatting with owen0202 and SilentSwords as part of our bi-weekly Twitch program, The Creator Show. They shared insight into how HEX came about, and what the future holds for SO Studios.

SO Studios recognizes that the truly great ROBLOX games are the ones that stay fresh and keep improving. This weekend the HEX team added a new update to the game, introducing a new control-pointed-based game mode and a new map, as well as more weapons and armor to customize your character with. So even if you’ve already played HEX, check it out again and see the new additions to one of ROBLOX’s fastest-paced games.