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The Top Games of February, 2015

March 5, 2015

by Jack "jackintheblox" Hendrik

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We see a lot of ROBLOX games shoot up into the Top 20 list in the first few weeks of life. The community loves new games, and so do we. But only a select few manage to stay at the top, pulling in players month after month. February mostly saw long-time favorites dominating the list. Can some of the newcomers stay popular? Will we see some of the juggernaut titles slip a few places in the coming months? That all depends on where you, the gamers of the ROBLOX community, decide to spend your time.

Top Games of February, 2015

Game Developer Visits
Work at a Pizza Place Dued1 2,672,553
Ripull Minigames Ripull 2,573,137
Twisted Murderer taymaster 1,655,672
ROBLOX High School Cindering 1,441,620
Mad Paintball loleris 1,417,611
Adopt And Raise A Baby KingPaulyD 1,253,347
Apocalypse Rising Gusmanak 1,100,933
Natural Disaster Survival Stickmasterluke 1,036,170
Reason 2 Die PlaceRebuilder 1,028,038
2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon berezaa 1,020,020
The Mad Murderer loleris 936,883
Roblox’s Top Model DizzyPurple 922,063
Call of Robloxia 5 – Roblox at War litozinnamon 894,006
Survive The Disasters! VyrissTheVixen 855,361
Boys Vs Girls Island Wars tadcool 836,434
Boys And Girls Hangout Dark1020 835,283
Hex – Premier Arena Shooter owen0202 831,129
Catalog Heaven Seranok 792,582
Castle Tycoon! Zernov 731,993
Ski Resort Snowboarding passi1997 650,810


Many of the games that made the list last month have fallen off the Top 20, but some exciting new entries have appeared.The number 20 game, Ski Resort Snowboarding, proves that ROBLOXians are eager for winter sports action. The Halo-inspired shooter Hex debuted in the 17th spot, fueled by a pre-release marketing push and really slick presentation. We expect Hex to be a game we see on or near the Top 20 in the coming months. It’s fun, fast-paced, and full of upgrades and customization options, the latter of which are crucial for keeping a game’s longevity up.

We’re also seeing some of the games that used to dominate the top three spots slip a few places down the list. Games like The Mad Murderer are still very popular, but not at the same level as previous months. Has the murder mystery craze started to ebb or will a new update kick The Mad Murderer, Murder Mystery 2, and Twisted Murderer back up to the top?

Is your favorite game on the list this month? Which game do you love that didn’t crack the Top 20? Let us know in the comments!