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Everything You Need to Know for Egg Hunt 2015

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It’s officially spring, which means it’s almost time for ROBLOX’s annual Egg Hunt event! This year’s Egg Hunt is bigger than ever and features three games with three unique ways to earn eggs. We know a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting news on the event, and we’ve got the scoop for you.

When does the Egg Hunt start?

Egg Hunt 2015 kicks off next week (that is, the week starting March 23rd). It runs through Sunday, April 5th.

How many Eggs are there?

This year there are 22 eggs to collect, spread across three of the top games on ROBLOX: Ripull Minigames, Twisted Murderer, and Super Bomb Survival. Each game has five exclusive eggs and, on top of that, there are six special eggs that appear across the three games. And finally, there’s a special “admin” egg that we, the members of the ROBLOX team, will summon in-game as we play with you guys.

How is it going to work?

We’re really excited about the three Egg Hunt games — the developers have each put their own twist on the concept to give you three distinct experiences.


Twisted Murderer by Taymaster incorporates eggs into gameplay as well as the randomness that is a hallmark of Egg Hunt. Some eggs are based on things like winning a round, while others drop into the game for you to collect. It’s a cool mix between the classic Egg Hunt mechanics, and a new school game design mentality.

Ripull Minigames borrows a page from the last couple years of Egg Hunts. While the majority of this game’s eggs spawn in the lobby between rounds of minigames, Ripull has completely transformed the lobby into a vast, open world that’s rife with danger and built for adventure. Watch out; many of the eggs have defenses to make the hunt more challenging!

Going even more old school is Super Bomb Survival. Longtime ROBLOX players will remember the early days of Egg Hunts, when eggs dropped into games at random. TylerMcBride has captured that feeling with his entry. During each round, eggs fall from the sky in sync with game events, like the nuke detonating or coins dropping. It’s a perfect fit for this game, where crazy stuff is always raining from the heavens.

Can you tell us what some of the eggs are?

While we don’t want to spoil the surprise of figuring out how to get the eggs for each of the games, we can give you some sneak peaks at the universal eggs that are going to appear across all three games.

  • Sharing Egg of Gifting – A gift is not something you buy for yourself, but for others. Likewise a gift egg isn’t something you can take for yourself.
  • Hipster Egg of Retro – This hipster egg is very judgmental and won’t want to hang with you unless you’re showing you liked ROBLOX before it was cool.
  • Admin Egg of Mischief – A VERY RARE egg that can only be spawned by admins. We’ll be playing the Egg Hunts games every day so keep your eyes peeled for anyone in the in-game player list with the ROBLOX logo next to their name.

We think you’re going to love the Egg Hunt event, and we want to thank the three game creators who have customized their games to make the event as fun and exciting for you as possible. And a special shoutout goes to SmoothBlockModel for creating and programming the universal eggs.

Get hyped everyone, the Egg Hunt 2015 is almost here!